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The Ultimate Guide to Puppy Ownership

Posted on February 22 2019


It's puppy season here on Waiheke and we've recently met alot of adorable pups. We're not going to lie, it's the best part about the job. So in the spirit of puppy season and because we are so stoked about your new addition to the family, we wrote the Ultimate Guide to Owning a Puppy for all you new Fur-iends and Paw-rents. 




Us humans take a good 15 years to reach fully grown, however puppies take only 2 years. This means they need a superior nutrition based diet. Choosing food depends on their weight, breed, age and their current diet. Because puppies need to grow big in a small about of time, they must eat high protein and high-fat foods to encourage and maintain their development. Check with us here at Pet Connect if you aren't sure how much you should be feeding your pup, we are always happy to help. 

Baby Milk, Royal Canin

Baby Dog Milk

This Babydog Milk was made to resemble Mumma's milk as much as possible.  It contains carefully selected ultra-digestible proteins and has a lactose content very close to that of maternal milk. It is particularly suitable for the puppy's digestive system because it does not contain starch. This product is perfect for pups aged 0-6 weeks. 


Addiction Salmon Bleu

Salmon Bleu is a premium puppy formula high in protein. Salmon, cranberries, probiotics, lipids, minerals and carbohydrates ensure it has the right levels of nutrients to support your puppies growth. All the ingredients support things such as digestive health, brain and eye development and skeletal and muscle development. It's a big A+ from us


Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy

Large breed puppies have a longer growth period which means you need to very closely control the levels of nutrients they get or else it can be really detrimental for their health. The Eukanuba range supports healthy brain and vision development, healthy skin, radiant coat, joints and bone growth and the immune system. It's perfect for supporting strong lean muscle growth which is important for larger breed dogs. 




Every puppy parent needs a stash of treats on hand to help with rewarding good behaviour and training. It's very important not to feed your puppy human food and to get good quality treats. If your training your pup it can be a good idea to break up treats so they go further and limit overfeeding. 


Royal Canin Educ Treats

At Pet Connect the word "treat" is our absolute favourite. These Royal Canin ones are fantasic for training puppies and are low in calories, which can be an issue when you're training and over feeding them other treats. These ones contain reinforced levels of vitamins E and C, nutrients which help support cellular function.


Yours Droolly Mix up Treats

Show your puppy how much you love them with these mix-up treats from Yours Droolly. With a mixture of scrumptious chicken tenders, drool-worthy duck sticks, and mouthwatering chicken and sweet potato, your pooch will be in treat heaven. They are made with premium quality ingredients and great for keeping your pooch occupied.


Love'em liver treats

These treats are perfect for training and made with 100% human grade beef liver, nothing else. These are great for tempting good behaviour and are healthy and nutritious, so you'll feel good about giving them these as much as they will enjoy devouring them. 




It's important to get your dog used to brushing, washing and grooming as this is an intergral part of their life with you. Grooming sessions also give you a good chance to check that their coats and skin are in good condition, and you can have a little bonding moment too. 


Washbar Puppy Shampoo 

The Washbar puppy shampoo is fantastic as it doesn't have any sulphates, parabens and is made with only good ingredients like argan oil, manuka and lavender. The essential oils have antibacterial properties and are great for their skin and coat. The natural ingredients mean it's safe for your pooch, and boy does it smell yum! 



Shear Magic Nail Clippers 

Keeping their nails short is important as it can rip your skin, furniture and also hurt and injur your dog. Be careful not to cut their nails too short or you could cut the quick which will make them bleed and hurt them alot. The shear magic nail clippers have a safety guide on the side which prevents you from cutting the nail too short at any one time, yay!



Le Salon Essentials Slicker

This slicker is great for general grooming and brushing and will get rid of dead hair and prevent matting. It also doubles as your pooches spa day as they will love the scratching on their skin. Beware of the hair though, probably best to do outside or somewhere easy to vaccuum.



Toilet Training


So let's talk about number ones and twos. Routine is important, so make sure you take them out at the same time each morning, night, and after they sleep so they get to learn the system. Always praise and reward when your puppy goes outside because... YAY!


Yours Droolly Training Pads  

The perfect accomplice for toilet training your puppy. The absorbent core soaks up the urine and its protective layering system means it doesn't get all over the floor, it also stops the top layer from staying wet so its no big deal if your dog walks on top of it.. There are sticky tabs on the bottom of the pads that help keep it in position so your dog can't move it around the house. 



House Proud 

This product helps teach your puppy where not to do his business and helps stop smelly messes on the floor. House proud has organic compunds that are un-detectable by humans but noticed by puppies and kittens and works as an attractant to encourgae puppies to pee and poo in specifically marked areas.



Yours Droolly No More Marking  

No More Marking spray is non-toxic and prevents pets from revisiting and marking or soiling the same spot twice. When sprayed on previously soiled areas it will remove existing stains and odours leaving behind a pleasant aroma that dogs don’t like. Ideal when trying to eliminate bad marking habits. Safe for use around pets and the home when used as directed.





Save your shoes and get your puppy some good quality toys.... trust us you will thank us later. Toys are a great way to strengthen their teeth, relieve them from teething pain, and keep them occupied. If you don't keep them occupied they will find something else, as chewing is an intuitive urge. It's important to set them up to succeed, just as you would give human babies toys to play with its important for your dog to have 4 or 5 toys that you can rotate. It's beneficial to have toys with different textures and featiures. 


Nylabone puppy starter kit 

The puppy starter kit is perfect as your pup can start at the teething bone to develop good chewing habits, move on to a chicken flavoured bone to stregthen those teeth and then finish on the healthy bacon flavoured bone which is completly edible. 



Kong Puppy

Kong products are made from a specially made rubber which makes them hardy but gentle for your developing wee pup and their teething choppers. You can extend playtime by stuffing it with treats, kibble or pastes, to challange them and teach them appropriate chewing and biting behaviours. 



Top 5 tips for Owning Puppy Ownership


1♥︎    It's important to keep puppies at home until they are fully protected from nasty and potentially dangerous viruses such as canine parvovirus and canine distemper. So make sure you wait at least 10 - 14 days after their last vaccination till taking them outside to play... I know it may seem like torture but it's in their best interest. 

2♥︎   It's essential in New Zealand to register and microchip your puppy. This is also helpful if your puppy gets impounded, lost or when people need access to your information to get in touch with you regarding your pooch. Get it done as you can be fined for not having one. The best time to get your puppy microchipped is between 7 - 8 weeks old.

3♥︎   It's going to take some time for your new puppy to get used to their collar before you attach the leash. It can be a weird feeling for a pup to be on a lead for the first time so make sure you coax them with treats instead of pulling or dragging. Short frequent sessions around the house is a great place to start.

4♥︎   Make sure you research your dog's breed and energy levels. Think about things like the space of your home, how often you can walk them and the budget you have. Some dogs need excessive exercise and some dogs will need to eat more than others.

5♥︎   Lastly and most importantly make sure you're ready for a puppy, if you travel a lot, don't have time to exercise them, or simply aren't in a financial position, then it's best to wait. They require a lot of time, training and patience, and you want them to have the best life possible. 




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