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Dog Treats

Who doesn’t love treats? Dogs definitely thrive on delicious bites - they can be used not only to train your dog and reward them on good behavior, but also as a way to add to their daily nutrition intake, and even to help clean their teeth.

Healthy dog treats encourage chewing, and aid in plaque removal, while high protein treats help build strong bones and muscles. There are numerous studies showing that the use of high value treats like liver and meat decrease the time required to train dogs on various behaviors. Sometimes praise and pats just don’t cut it - a good dog treat will make training a breeze.

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Dog treats for every need

Rewardz Gourmet Selection Dog Treats features organic ingredients that are fresh and ovenbaked for all those dog treat moments. Rewardz Wild Food Dog Treats are made from 100% natural  ingredients and can be frozen and kept for upto four months. They make for a tasty and rewarding dog treat that your pet is sure to love.Rewardz Bacon Banana is a hot favourite for encouraging good behavior or just to indulge your cheeky dog!

For the bone lovers, Pet Connect’s Raw Pawz Veal Back Bones is an ideal dog treat. Not only can you use it to reward your dog for good behavior, but it will also be a part of your dog’s daily nutritional needs. Raw Pawz Veal Back Bones are loaded with vital bone-health minerals such as phosphorus and zinc, and contain all major vitamins including niacin, riboflavin, B3, B6 & B12 to keep your dog healthy and fit. Raw Pawz Veal Back Bones feature veal sourced in New Zealand, and they are free from additives, grains and preservatives - perfect for sensitive dogs. The high protein content in this delicious dog treat helps build healthy organs, teeth, muscles and hair.

Mashbone Brew Bites are taking over New Zealand! Mashbone Brew Bites for Dogs are made from Garage Project Brewery's high protein, high fiber spent mash byproduct and NZ grass-fed beef. Mashbone teamed up with vet specialists and food technologists at Massey University to invent and refine a recipe that manages the full product lifestyle, uses locally sourced ingredients and is proven as a healthy treat for dogs' bone and joint health. Results show that Mashbone is loved by dogs of all shapes and sizes.

More than just a treat

Every dog loves a good chew! Chewing is important to prevent plaque and tartar build up as well and helps keep the jaw bones strong and healthy! Hartz Dentist Best Chew Bones, available at Pet Connect, are a great dog treat for the improvement of oral health. Enforced with DentaShield technology developed by Indiana University’s School of Dentistry, this chew bone is no ordinary dog treat.

So, if you want a fail-safe training tool, or just something to spoil your furry family member, don’t go past a Dog Treat from