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The Ultimate Raw Dog Food Guide

Posted on February 22 2022

The ins and outs of raw dog food

Hey Team, Ryan here from the Pet Connect Pack, I have recently put my boy Co onto a Raw food Diet, this whole process has made me dig deeper into why Raw food is such a good option.  

Raw food diets are becoming very popular, but this are no new concept. Raw diets are similar to the original dog diet. The hounds back in the day hunted and ate raw meat on the regular. Unlike humans, dogs bodies are made to digest decaying flesh, and they are capable of processing bacteria and germs that can easily make us 2 legged beings extremely sick. 

Nowadays, when we talk about raw diets, it’s more involved than cutting up some raw chicken and putting it in a bowl. Raw diets are supplemented with other ingredients to give dogs the nutrients they need. Companies commonly supplement raw meat with fruits and vegetables, organs, bone, vitamins, and minerals. So, we are not saying you should feed your dog raw meat alone. Getting raw food that is already prepared is definitely the way to go. 

It’s important to keep in mind that a raw dog food diet will not work for all dogs and owners. If you want to switch your dog to a raw diet, first weigh the benefits and risks, and take your dog’s current condition into consideration. Raw food definitely needs a little more planning than just putting kibble in your dogs bowl, but it’s worth it if your pooch is enjoying the food, and they are healthy and happier than on the alternative. Ever since we adopted Co, he’s never been hugely into kibble, and it’s been a mission to get him to eat regularly. Once we made the move to raw, it’s been an absolute contrast, he now inhales his food! We have noticed that he itches less and his coat seems better too, with his energy levels are longer lasting too!

How a raw fed diet can change your dog

1. Digestion improves

With a raw food diet, dogs are able to absorb more of the ingredients. Therefore, dogs poop less frequently and overall produce waste. Your dog is able to go longer on less food, compared to a kibble diet. Additionally, because dogs aren’t consuming as much junk, they spend less time and energy digesting food. While kibble stays in a dog’s stomach for 7-9 hours, raw food only takes 1-2 hours to digest. Less energy spent digesting food = more energy to have fun.

2. Weight stabilises

Dogs have been known to lose excess weight or even gain needed weight on a raw diet. A raw diet balances your dog’s system and moves to a healthier weight.

3. More energy

Upgrading to higher-quality pure food gives dogs more energy because there is less junk to filter out. Your dog gets the essential nutrients they need to feel their best, without carrying a load of carbs and fillers in their bodies all day.

Does raw food suit your dog? 

Most dogs can benefit from switching to a raw food diet. But there are a few groups who can especially benefit: 

Seniors: Much like humans, when dogs get older, their metabolisms slow down. Raw diets have higher water content and less fat than kibble, which means they should digest Raw easier than most kibbles on the market today.  

Picky Eaters: Raw food tends to be much more palatable than kibble. Raw meat triggers a siren in your dog’s brain that goes, this feels right. And that’s due to generations of dogs hunting for themselves and eating raw meat. So if your dog is picky when it comes to kibble or wet food, raw food is definitely worth trying. 

Dogs with Allergies: Having a dog with allergies can make it difficult to find foods they can eat. Narrowing down what your dog is allergic to can be easier with a limited-ingredient diet. Most raw food diets have fewer ingredients than an average kibble formula. And because these meals are so customizable, you can usually get raw food more or less suited to your dog’s needs.

How much do I feed my dog?

As a general rule with raw dog food, you should be feeding your adult dog between 2-3% of its ideal bodyweight per day. 

For example, Co is a healthy adult dog that weighs 32kg. This is his ideal weight and the weight that you want him to maintain. In order to sustain this, he will require somewhere between 2-3% of his bodyweight per day. In Co’'s case that is 640-960g of food per day. Most dogs will require the lower end and some the upper end. We recommend starting at 2-2.5% and monitoring the dog's weight, increasing or decreasing the amount of raw food given as required. If you have a dog that is overweight or underweight then the amount of food given can be adjusted when needed. 

Storage & preparation

Co & I find it best practice to store all his raw food in the freezer, and then take 2-3 days out at a time and transfer into a container in the fridge, this allows the meat to slowly defrost while staying chilled. Raw Pawz dog food come in a ziplock bag or a compostable plastic wrap, but it’s best to find a container for the food while it’s in the fridge to avoid any unneeded mess.

Travelling with a raw fed dog

Travelling with a raw fed dog can be tricky at times , take a look at our Raw Traveling blog giving you some tips! 

We have a variety of freeze dried and air dried Raw food that can be a great alternative when you and your pooch are out and about on holiday or visiting friends and family. 

Ziwi Peak - Air dried food

Ziwi Peak Venison dog food is a 100% natural New Zealand made, air dried, organic raw dog food that is sourced only from local NZ farms, ensuring the animals are free-ranging and grass-fed. For the perfect finishing touch, Ziwi Peak adds Kelp for a natural vitamin and mineral source and New Zealand Green Mussels for natural glucosamine and chondroitin.

Woof - Freeze dried food

Woof Freeze Dried Dog Chicken Food & Treat is made in New Zealand using only the best quality ingredients for your pooch. Woof is gently freeze-dried to protect the natural enzymes and's raw, it's natural, it's tasty! Woof can be fed as a complete and balanced food for dogs of all breeds and sizes or as a treat for the best behaved puppies and dogs. 

Good Noze - Freeze dried food

Goodnoze freeze-dried pet food is formulated to mirror your pet’s ancestral diet and is the perfect alternative to wet raw food. The freeze-drying process the Goodnoze fellas use gently locks in all the nutrients found in raw meat, while only removing the moisture. It has all the health benefits of raw food, but the convenience of dry food. The result is tasty meat morsels, full of intense flavour that you pup is going to LOVE. 

Raw Paws 

Here at Pet Connect we stock a large range of Raw Pawz for our Waiheke Customers, with free delivery island wide for any local order! If you are a local, take a look at our Raw Pawz range below. Unfortunately we do not ship this nation wide, however check out  to see their full range & shipping options. 


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