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Seperation anxiety for dogs

Posted on July 05 2020

Yo yo yo, I’m Ko.
I’ve been newly adopted by our weirdly pawsome Marketing Manager Ryan and so stoked to be joining the pack. I have a little bit of separation anxiety from my owners, I like having them around me so much then when I am by myself I actually…cant….deal. So queue Celine Dions “all by myself”; soundtrack and have a read below at some of my best tips and tricks to alleviating stressful separation anxiety.


Firstly why do dogs get separation anxiety? 

Lots of puppies that grow up in a loving family with a stabile environment generally won’t become anxious. I have been rehoused 4 times now. I am terrified every time my new dad Ryan leaves the house that he may not come back to me. Other reasons dogs could act this way is 

  •  Being left alone for the first time or when he’s used to being with people
  •  Change of ownership
  •  Moving  from a shelter to a home
  •  Change in family routine or schedule
  •  Loss of a family member

Dogs need stability and routine and this teaches us that no matter how long the wait feels, our beloved feeding machines will eventually come home.


Signs that your pooch has anxiety

Pointers & Products 

🐾 When you leave the house give your dog a special puzzle toy. Not only does this distract him from your absence but gives him something to do while you’re gone. Only give him this treat toy when you're gone, and take it away when you get home, this will not encourage him to look forward to you leaving but more makes him realise something good will come from it. Puzzle toys also help to reduce boredom and will distract them from chewing your favourite slippers.


🐾 Leaving an article of your recently worn clothes or even a pillow case can help keep them stay calmer. Your dog can snuggle up with your scent and feel like you’re nearby even when you’re away. Some toys have a zipped compartment that you can stuff with your clothes for instant warmth & companionship.


🐾 Natural homeopathic calmative remedies can aid in stressful times such as being separated from your loveable human. The combination of plants, leaves and herbs is used to settle nerves and reduce hyperactivity prior to any stressful events including your pack leaving you home alone. 


🐾 Thundershirts patented design applies gentle, constant pressure to your dogs torso and stomach. It uses the same idea as swaddling a baby helping sooth them into a more relaxed state. This calming wrap that feels like a hug to your pup helps them to feel calm and safe while you have popped out of the house


🐾 Excerise your dog well before you need to go. If your dog is more tired it will have less energy to run riot in the house and more likely to nap while you’re gone. 


🐾 Don’t make too much of a big deal about your comings and goings. Ignore your pup for 5 minutes when you get home no matter how hard it is. 

🐾 Things like grabbing your keys or putting on your shoes might make you dog nervous, so try doing these things way before you have to leave to keep your pup calm. Grab your keys and sit and watch the telly for a while or pop your shoes on and then do the dishes. 

🐾 Leave the house in a very calm state, stand out side the door for a few seconds and reappear. Slowly increase the amount of time you're gone, each time reappearing and not making a big deal about leaving. 

🐾 Sometimes working with a trainer may be a good option too, this will help set the framework for success, My Dad Ryan is taking me to a trainer once a week for a couple months to keep our bond strong and make sure everything is tracking in the right direction. 

Remember, It's a big job for your dog to establish the trust between you, and for him to trust you will come back when you leave the house. I know I still freak out when Dad leaves me but im starting to understand he always comes back for me. 

Good luck with your pooches!



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