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How to fill a kong

Posted on October 09 2020

Hey Team, 

Rollo the Kong chewer and Jessa here. We have more Kong stuffing ideas than you do for that Christmas turkey. We thought we would share them with you!

Kong types and styles

Things you'll find around the house

Things you’ll Find Around the House   

 Peanut or Nut Butters - First and foremost this is Rollo’s go to. Put peanut butter on anything and my fury pal will be more interested than an astronaut at a rocket convention.   

Applesauce -  Not just great with Roast pork, apple sauce makes a great Kong Sealer used when smaller treats are falling out.

Sardines, Tuna or Canned fish - Fish is high In Omega oils that keep your pooches fur, coat and skin in tip top condition. Don’t go for any flavoured tins of fish, just as natural as possible.   

Bananas and Blueberries - Bananas are potassium packed flavour explosions great mashed and perfect  for blood cell function, and a great treat for dogs prone to upset tummies.  Blueberries are delicious little morsels, you know you put them in your smoothie. available year round either fresh or frozen, blueberries are a great treat for your dog. Small qualities of blueberries are advised. 

Sweet  Potatoes - Mashed sweet potatoes is a sweet little addition. Little bit of effort but if theres ever any leftover roasties, I’m telling you your pup will love it.

Kong fillers

Stuff N Treat Easy Treat 

While providing an easy no-mess solution for pet parents, this highly digestible and trans-fat free treat is an enticingly delicious addition when added to both an empty or stuffed Kong. Did you say good boy?

Kong Snacks

These little snack treats fit right in your kong, the more you push them in the harder for you pup to get its reward. Keep the end sticking out as an appetiser and use in conjunction with other scrumptious fillings. They come in a delicious liver flavour. 

Kong Marathon

The Kong Marathon treat provides a mentally occupying Kong solution. Ideally sized to fit within Kong Classic rubber toys, this convenient, mess-free treat is packed full of fun. As a starter, flavour nubs ignite natural chewing instincts, then the robust exterior continues the engagement, finally, the edible prongs entice foraging instincts as they drop into the toy once the exterior is chewed.

Rollo’s Top Kong filler treats from Pet Connect 

The Yours Droolly Chicken & Duck Tenders

These crunchy Chicken and Duck chips can be broken up and stuffed inside where I like to leave a bit sticking out so Rollo can really arouse his senses. Mixed with a soft filler this is his favourite combo 

Ziwi Peak Good Dog Rewards 
These treats are quite small so will need to be filled with a sealer or something soft like peanut butter. For a summer treat I then freeze it with the butter and ziwi treats inside. It’s kind of like watching a kid at Christmas. 

Omega Plus King Salmon Bites
This one would definitely be classed as an outside Kong treat as you can imagine the salmon can be super smelly which is what your pup is going to absolutely love about it. This high reward treat it packed with Omega 3 fatty acids which is great for skin, brain and joint functions. 

The Ultimate Kong Stuffing Technique 

Layer 1 - Tantaliser - Fill the top little hole with something soft and ultimately delicious, Rollo loves peanut butter but the Kong Stuff n Easy Treat would be great too  

Layer 2 - Dessert - Fill your chosen Kong about 1/3rd fill with treats, small kibble or biscuits  

Layer 3 - Entree -  Mix the last two thirds with a more interesting filling like canned food, Peanut butter, paste or Banana. 

Layer 4 - Appetiser -  Leave a treat sticking out thats easy pickings for your pup. It will provide an immediate payoff and treat and will leave your dog wondering what else will be in there. Enticing your pup from the get go means your pooch will get serious about getting out those goodies. 

Mix it up

Change up your pups flavour combinations and make some days easier than others. 

When your leaving the house perhaps set them up with something on the harder side so they are spending more time playing with their toy and less time waiting for you. 

Jessa & Rollo Pooch ( Woof! ) 


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