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Probiotics for your pooch

Posted on September 03 2021

Probiotics for your pooch

Probiotic supplements are everywhere. They help maintain our gut health which in turn help our overall health and keep our bodies in ship shape condition. Did you know that probiotics are great for our four legged best friends too? Just like humans, dogs suffer from many of the same symptoms like upset tummys, stress, and separation anxiety; Probiotics can help to settle everything and keep our fur babies healthy. 

So What is a Probiotic?

Well it’s any kind of supplement that contains live microorganisms that aim to improve health. Take for example if your dog has diarrhea, the cause could be anything from stress, taking antibiotics, change of diet or infection of some kind. Even after the cause is sorted out, the upset tummy could still continue which is no fun for anyone. A probiotic can help to boost the number of good bacteria in the gut which then can beat the bad bacteria and get your pooch back to feeling in top form. 

How can probiotics help your dog's health?

Help with digestion issues - Did you know that dogs can get IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) too? Well probiotics can help with IBS as well as gas, bloating, bad breath and other digestive issues by balancing out the good bacteria. 


Support health when using antibiotics - Just like us, antibiotics can cause havoc on your fur babies gut. Antibiotics kill off not only the bad, but also the good bacteria so giving your dog probiotics whilst on antibiotics and after treatment will help to put the good ones back in again. 

Boost your pups immune system and help with allergies and skin irritations - If your dog gets sick a lot, has allergies, yeast infections or skin irritations it’s a good chance that their immune system is low. Probiotics can help to boost your dog's overall immunity, decrease inflammatory responses, and even reduce the amount of time your dog is sick with respiratory diseases like kennel cough. 70% of the immune system comes from gut health so you want to keep it healthy in both you and your pooch. A healthy gut = a healthy dog

Reduce depression and separation anxiety - Although it may not seem like our furry friends get depressed, they can and some don’t cope well when left alone, especially after all the time we’ve spent at home with them in lockdown. Probiotics help minimise stress neuro-transmitters which minimises depression and anxiety. 


Reduce urinary tract infections - Many dogs are prone to getting UTI’s which can be caused from skin folds and kidney disorders or infections. UTI’s can even be passed when dogs come into contact with each at the park and can spread quickly. Probiotics can help to ward off the bad bacteria and keep the wee wees flowing freely. 


Reduce heart disease and high blood pressure - Probiotics break down bile in the tummy which is made from cholesterol and we all know how bad that is. The probiotics stop the bile being reabsorbed back into the system and also help prevent leaky gut which can cause other infections. 

Probiotics can also help with boosting your dog's metabolism, giving your dog more energy, help them maintain a healthy weight or even help with weight loss by reducing the cholesterol and helping your pup feel fuller for longer. 

Below are some of the tried and tested products we recommend here at Pet Connect

Synbiotic Products

Synbiotic is a probiotic supplement for pets. It's unique formulation contains 9 strains of beneficial bacteria, with natural prebiotic (chicory root extract) and digestive enzymes. 180 million CFU/g concentration of beneficial bacteria ensures optimum immune system and digestive support. Enzymes directly improve digestion of foods, crucial for animals recovering from stress and injury.

  • For all animal species, including domestic pets, livestock, small animals & reptiles. 
  • For use in times  of stress, illness, injury, post antibiotic treatment or as a daily supplement to support the immune and digestive systems 
  • 180 million CFU/g concentration of beneficial bacterias

Addiction Pet Food goes further for your pets by literally going to the ends of the earth – New Zealand. One of the cleanest countries in the world to source the purest and freshest ingredients, New Zealand gives us a nutritional edge over other pet foods. Our ingredients are ethically sourced and manufactured under the strictest standards at our technologically advanced plant located in the Bay of Plenty. Our pet food is free from added artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, giving your dogs the optimal nutrition they need. 

All three of these flavours of Addiction have a high level of antioxidants and probiotics in their food to help your furry pal. This is a great way to get a daily amount of probiotics into your pooch without an extra supplement to remember to give them.

Pampered Pooches Probiotic Rich Sauerkraut,

For those domestic goddesses out there, here is a great recipe for your very own probiotic sauerkraut for your pooch. 

  • Prep Time: 17 mins 
  • Pickling time: 20 days
  • Servings: 30 


  • 1 head Cabbage small, organic 
  • 3 ea Carrots organic, optional 
  • 1 tbs Sea Salt
  1. Using a food processor, finely chop the cabbage (and the carrots if added). The carrots will give your sauerkraut a sweeter flavor. 
  2. Place all chopped ingredients in a glass bowl in layers. Sprinkle a bit of the sea salt on top of each layer, until it's all gone. 
  3. Using your well-washed hands, massage the salted chopped ingredients together for approximately 10 minutes. Water will produce from the mixture - this is good, do not toss this out. 
  4. Wash your hands and cover the massaged cabbage mixture in the glass bowl with a towel. Let it stay like this for 30 minutes.  
  5. Spoon cabbage mixture into fermenting jars. Push them down with a tamper. Use the cabbage mixture water to evenly cover the ingredients in the jars. Place a glass weight on top of the ingredients. If you need a little more water, add filtered water. Make sure that all cabbage mix ingredients are under the water by about 2cm. 
  6. Place a fermenting top on each jar and seal tight. Remove the air from the cabbage mixture packed fermenting jars.  
  7. Put the jars in a dark, cool place where the temperature never gets above 20 degrees. 
  8. Allow to sit for 21 days. Once opened, keep in a refrigerator and use within two weeks. The refrigerator temperature stops the fermentation process. You can also freeze the sauerkraut for up to 2 months.


  • When you make this recipe, ensure that everything is clean at all times, including your hands. 
  • Make sure that the cabbage mixture is below the water. 


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