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Brushing your pooches teeth

Posted on June 17 2020

Hey dog lovers, fur enthusiasts, dearest fido’s and four legged pals, its Jasmine and Opie here, I have had a few too many coffees and I am pumped to be writing this months blog on dental health. Oral hygiene is one of those things that are often overlooked but it’s definitely just as important as Hooman teeth care.

Tooth be told, the smaller breeds are actually more prone to tartar formation, gum recession, and eventual loss of teeth. Why? Smaller dogs have a slightly smaller mouth, head, face and other genetic features which affects the anatomy of their mouths. Teeth can become more crowded than a Justin Bieber concert, which causes plaque and tartar buildup, and that’ not ideal for a dental environment.


Getting yourself a quality canine toothbrush is better than using a human one as a dogie brush is more angled and can reach right to the back to get those arduous pearly whites.

Some doggie toothbrushes come in a fingertip style, which slips over the end of your finger, I know sounds fun.


Firstly rule out any human toothpaste as these contain abrasives that will make your pooch feel....well as sick as a dog. Canine toothpaste is safe for dogs to swallow but because they are poultry or seafood flavoured your dog might enjoy the overall experience that little bit more.


How to Brush Your Pups Teeth

1. Try and get your four legged bestie used to having something in their mouth, start by putting your fingers in their mouth and massaging and touching their chompers and gums  carefully.

2. Choose a calm time for brushing teeth and always make sure your dog is comfy.

3. Lift the top lip up and hold it while you touch the teeth with the toothbrush then pull the  bottom lip down and touch the bottom teeth

4. Show your dog the toothpaste and letting them lick a small amount from your finger

5. Start with brushing and massaging the front teeth and and gently move towards the back teeth, using good praises and stopping if your dog is getting upset

6. Praise and reward. 
This part is especially important because brushing doggies teeth is  particularly unnatural for them. It might sound counterintuitive but until your pup gets used to  the sensations. It’s good to reward good behaviour


If your dog its particularly bad with being sat down and having their pearly whites polished then there are a number of alternatives that may be easier for you and more enjoyable for your pup. Just remember brushing is the most effective way to clean those versatile ivories and should be done regularly.


Opie and the rest of the Pet Connect gang can definitely vouch that these are the best way to fight tartar because after all - treat is our favourite word around here. Dental treats are flexible chews that allow your pups teeth to sink right into the gum line. These toothbrush shaped morsels allow your pups chewing and mechanical actions to aid in scraping the surface of the tooth and help brush away plaque and tartar that accumulates.


Opie pup loves making teeth cleaning fun with our awesome range of dental toys. He’s been know to help himself to a toy or two. Toothbrush toys usually have rope or rubber bristles that act like a toothbrush, as the bite down it gets in between teeth and rubs off plaque and food out from between teeth.


For something a little more au naturale consider bones and natural chews. In the wild, dogs would feast on whole carcasses with the bones acting as natural toothbrushes. Dried chews can help pull old food out from in between that bridgework. As they pull off meat, gristle, and cartilage and chew on the bone itself, it’s abrasive and chewy nature helps to clean teeth, massage gums and reduce bad breath, triple whammy.



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