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Dog Tag Blog

Posted on February 17 2022

Does your dog wear a dog tag?

Co & Astro dog here from the Pet Connect Pack, like many young energetic dogs, we have a love for adventuring, Woof! Sometimes this adventuring goes too far, and we end up kilometers away from our owners before we know it! Oops!

Our dog tags have kept us safe and brought us back home on numerous occasions! Without them we might have been lost in the Waiheke Wilderness forever!  

Most people agree that pet ID tags are very important for the safety of their pet, but only about a third of all pet owners actually put pet ID tags on their furry companions. What's the deal? We think that while most people know that this is a responsible practice, many people forget to do a basic thing that might just save their dog in future years.  In this weeks blog we will dive deeper into why having a dog tag on your dog is essential & should be a simple part of owning a furry pal. 

Why Pet ID Tags are Important

1. Your pet might get lost.

1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime. Pet ID tags ensure that when your pet does get lost, it's easy for the person who finds them to get in contact with you and get your pet home safe.

2. Unexpected events happen.
Natural disasters can strike without warning, as can man-made problems like car accidents or a house fire. Any number of these unexpected events could result in the loss of your pet - even if they are predominantly inside pets. It's best to be prepared ahead of time for these kinds of events. Putting a pet ID tag on your dog or cat's collar is a simple way to do just that.
3. Appearance 
Many more people are willing to stop and help a lost dog that appears to be a family pet. Without a tag or collar, people might be hesitant to approach your pet and their chance at rescue could be lost. This is crucial with rescue dogs in particular, you obvously know your pooch is a giant teddy bear at heart, but an uncollared pity X might not be the most appealing dog to approach for a stranger that doesn’t know your dogs nature.

4. Avoid those fines! 
Micro-chipping is a valuable way to keep track of your pet, but if someone finds your pet without a dog tag, they will need to take them to a shelter or vet's office to have the chip read. To potentially avoid fines & awkward pound visits, having a simple name tag can save you hundreds! Ontop of having a good dog tag for your pooch, you must register and microchip them. In the Auckland Region, dog registration is yearly, you get a choice of a plastic tag or a plastic strap to put on your pooch. If your dog is caught without being registered, you can be fined $300. 

5. Lifes too short not to have some bling
You wear earrings right? Or a necklace? Well here is the chance for your dog to have some pride in their bling too! Gone are the days that your dog has to have an ugly tag attached to them, now there are some pretty trendy tags out there! 

Neo & Co Dog Tags

The Pet Connect Pack have teamed up with Neo & Co to you you make your dog stand out from the pack with their awesome hand-stamped brass dog tags. Neo & Co Hand Stamped Dog Tag's are created out of sturdy 25mm brass tags, drilled with a 4mm hole and supplied with a strong 15mm stainless steel key ring. 

- Hand Stamped on Waiheke Island

- Thick 1.5mm Brass tag

- 25mm tag for dogs of all sizes

- High quality stainless steel split key ring

- Single sided only 

- Maximum name length - 7 letters 

- Maximum number length 11 numbers


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