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The Ultimate Guide to Cat Litter

Posted on October 01 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Cat Litter

As much as we love splurging on our fur babies, there are some purchases that are more essential than that fancy sparkle collar. Cat litter is the least exciting of these but it’s an important part of a cat’s daily life and general wellbeing.  

For cats that use litter inside, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind. 

Cats are fussy when it comes to where they poop. It can’t be too close to where they eat, drink or sleep, and against a wall or in a corner makes them feel safer. They can do their business, whilst keeping a watch on one side, without worrying about someone creeping up on them from behind. 

It’s really important to keep the litter tray clean and remove poop as soon as it’s deposited. Not only do cats like to keep themselves clean, but they can also carry a parasite called toxoplasmosis which is transferred through their poop, so it’s important to get rid of it as soon as possible. Humans can catch Toxoplasmosis. It’s especially harmful to pregnant women and those with weakened immune systems, and can cause fevers, headaches and muscle aches. Always wash your hands after clearing out the litter tray and if possible use gloves.

Don’t put cat litter down the toilet as it is likely to clump and clog your pipes and cause havoc with the septic tank. Always dispose of used litter in a rubbish bag and put it in the outside bin straight away.  

From clumping to crystals, there are many varieties of cat litter to keep your kitty happy. One thing to look for is odour control. Bicarbonate of soda is great at doing this so look for a litter that has this or another form of odour control included in it.  Our fearless leader Jazz recommends the Trouble and Trix Lightweight Litter. The odour neutralising power was beyond anything she would have expected, and convinced her anti cat litter fiancee that life would not be full of the smells of cat poop! 

Our Range of Cat Litter

We have several types of litter in stock at Pet Connect as well as litter trays, liners, and sprays to help keep everything clean and smelling fresh as a daisy. 

Crystal Litter

Made from silica sand with added natural anti-bacterial agent, this natural and biodegradable litter kills 98.7% of bacteria on contact whilst continuing to inhibit its growth and reduce odour. Our fearless leader Jazz recommends this one. The odour neutralising power was beyond anything she would have expected, and convinced her anti cat litter fiancee that life would not be full of the smells of cat poop! 

Lightweight Litter

Lightweight Litter - This litter is naturally & highly absorbent, trapping the liquid and its odour. It locks in liquids and clumps together for easy removal. It's 35% lighter than the previous baking soda clumping litter, making it easier to refill your litter tray.

Natural Litter

Trouble & Trix Natural Cat Litter is a natural litter pellet made from plant extracts and baking soda to neutralize pungent urine smells.

Litter Accessories

Check out our range of cleaners and litter trays we have in stock. We have some great products to help remove smells, avoid unwanted accidents, and keep everything ship shape. As always, our friendly staff are on hand to help with any questions or recommendations you need.  

Hope this helps!  

Katie & Stormy Cat


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