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Making a Run for It

Posted on June 22 2021

So... you have a run away?

What up, mother puppers, doggo daddies and furry companions. 

Ryan here, I put my hand up to write today's blog because my boy Co is the biggest escape artist I know. We have learnt a few tricks to keep Houdini at home and we thought we would share them with you - our awesome Pet Connect community. 

Firstly, Why are they making a break for it?

Mating - Perhaps your pup is on the lookout for a date? Wondering the neighbourhood looking for love? If there is a female on heat, your boy will be able to sniff this out from miles away and on the other hand your bitch may be wandering to find a suitor. 

What to do? - Neutering your male dog and spaying your female dog can help reduce this problem especially when they are younger than 6 months. This means they - won’t establish any of those unwanted behaviours - like bolting out the back for a spot of canoodling.

Your Dog is on the hunt! - Paws up if your pooch is prey driven. Yep this is our Co dog. Rabbit, Chicken, Bird, Fly -no small animal is safe. Co will readily jump a fence, escape under the deck, or houdini his way out to chase whatever it is that seems to be having more fun than he is.    

What to do? - Supervision has been our biggest help yet and giving him something better to do! We got him a Kong Classic which we fill with delicious treats, he will quite happily spend the afternoon trying to prize out chicken tenders and peanut butter and becomes less interested in other backyard going ons. We also play fetch with him with his Chuck it Balls and sometimes teether him to a tie out stake. We have found the best place to start to teach your prey driven dog fetch is a fenced open area like a tennis court, that way they can be off lead and safe. 

Recommended by vets worldwide, this toy is made from a natural, highly durable, rubber compound and is perfect for extended chew sessions. The unique shape causes it to bounce unpredictably when thrown and is ideal for stuffing with treats or paste. This toy will provide your dog with oodles of fun and is a great puzzle toy and ultimate boredom buster. 

The Chuckit Ultra Ball signals to your dog that major playtime is to come. Built on innovation and ergonomic design, Chuckit dog toys have revolutionised the classic game of fetch.   

The ChuckIt Ultra Ball is no ordinary ball. Designed for the most demanding use, this ball has a high bounce, high buoyancy and high visibility. A durable and top-selling toy that lasts longer than ordinary tennis balls, and is compatible with Chuckit ball launcher.

Bored around the house! - This is the number one reason dogs escape! You may notice they only escape when you're not around, when you leave them in the house for a few hours. Dogs have a very bad concept of time so you may only be out doing the supermarket shopping but like Co - he feels like we have been gone for days! 

 What to do? - Some dogs are more active than others, while puppies and teen dogs need 1- 2 outings a day, older dogs will be happy with just one good romp at the beach. Make sure they are expending lots of energy and getting enough exercise. Give him chew toys or interactive toys such as the Trixie Popper or the Entertaineze Puzzle Ball. Harder chewing treats like bones & Antlers are a great option if you're gone for a good period of time as they can take a while for your pup to get through.

Are you looking for a fun new way for your pup to entertain themself? 

The Trixie Snack Popper ejects treats mechanically as the dog pushes the toy forward and backwards. You'll be wondering where your pooch has been all day.

The Platinum Ranch Venison Bone is a delicious clod bone packed full of marrow and great for chewing. 

This New Zealand Made bone aids to keep your pup happily chewing away for hours while busting boredom and cleaning teeth. Features & Benefits 100% NZ Venison Bone Slow dried to lock in the unique flavours Approximately 30cm in length and weighs approximately 450g (may vary from bone to bone)


Why should you stop them? - Prey driven doggo’s have the tendency to break into neighbourly homes with sheep, rabbits or cats which is bad news if your dog chases or attacks them. Dogs that pose a threat to humans, livestock or other pets could then be seized or destroyed. Dogs are not allowed to wander under the eyes of the law and while you think they are just out having a wild adventure you are at risk of having your pup impounded & could receive a hefty fine. Eek!  

 How to stop them? - We understand you can’t have your eyes on your pup at all times, it’s so unrealistic - there are dishes to be done, work to do and naps to be had. Understanding the undying issue of why your pup is wandering should help you pinpoint some of the best ways to go about it. While your dogs are outside though, try and supervise them, make sure there are no holes in your fence and try and secure your property as best you can.  Tie out stakes are great options but you need to make sure you are around to keep an eye on them and you need to make sure they have access to water and shade. We have made an extra-mental effort to keep Co exercised, occupied and securing the house so he can’t Houdini out of there. 

Try your best pup parents!

Ryan & Co the Pooch


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