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Dog Toys

Dogs are part of the family, and love play time just as much as any kid.

The ancestors of our current domesticated dogs were out in the wild and resembled jackals, wolves and foxes. In later times, dogs were employed in the fields as herding or guardian dogs. Be it in the wild or in the fields, dogs are used to plenty of activity and hard work. And while over the years dogs have been domesticated, they have not lost their natural despite to stay active. Playing is in their blood!

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Playing with toys is the best outlet to allow your pup to release their needs to play, hunt and herd. Toys also help dogs stay fit, healthy and happy. You may notice that pooches like to protect their toys - even bury them in a secret place much like their wild cousins.

Toys are also great training tools that you can use to encourage good behavior. They help keep your pets engaged in a healthy, constructive way so they do not resort to destructive attention seeking behaviors. Dogs love to play fetch or track with toys, and this is also a great way to burn calories while helping the owners and the pets forge a closer bond.

There are plenty of toys in the market for dogs, but it’s easy to choose the right toy for your pet. If you consider their activity and energy levels, breed and size.

Fun Dog Toys

Pet Connect has a wide range of dog toys for all types of activity levels and interests. ChuckIt Ultra Ball with its high bounce and high buoyancy is a great dog toy for your fun loving pooch. The durable ball toy lasts longer than the average tennis balls, and is designed to withstand high intensity chewing.

Chasers Floatin Holee Bowler is ideal for sunny days out at the beach. Highly durable,It’s bounce and buoyancy makes it one of our favourite beach dog toys. Dogs and their owners can have endless hours of fun with this colourful dog toy, playing fetch and scoring some big bonding-brownie points.

Taking care of your dog’s dental health is a major challenge for pet owners - but luckily there is a toy that will get to work on your dog’s teeth while your dog gets to work having fun. Pet Connect’s Nylabone Dental Dinosaur is a perfect dog toy that helps control tartar and plaque. Made of flexible polymer, this dog toy is the ideal choice for powerful chewers.