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Breed Nutrition

Posted on February 24 2020

Just like us, every dog and cat is unique therefore each breed requires a different network of nutritional profiles for their health. Some breeds need added joint care while others have shorter muzzles so an exclusively designed kibble that is easy to pick up and easier to chew is important for them. Even the smallest structural changes or chemical and nutritional makeup of their food can make a huge difference to your pet’s life, health and overall enjoyment. Choosing a food that is designed for your breed gives you complete confidence so you know your cat or dog is getting the correct nutritional profile for their body, lifestyle and hereditary health issues.


Take Labradors, they have one fairly big motivator – their appetite! Your Lab may be almost 70 pounds, but that doesn't stop him from trying to sit on your lap and kissing your face. These loyal loveable breeds tend to put on a few pounds much more easily than other breeds so making a kibble that aids in weight control is paramount for your poor lap. Royal Canin Labrador retriever kibble has a hole in the middle reducing the rate your pup intakes food. An adapted calorie content helps maintain the Labrador’s ideal weight. Labradors are also predisposed to degeneration of cartilage in their joints and arthritis development. This diet contains chondroitin and glucosamine to help support and maintain healthy joints and bones.


Any Poodle owner will tell you that they are no stranger to doggie kisses, their face is covered in them constantly. To keep their breath kissable Poodle Adult is exclusively designed to support your poodle dental health by slowing down tartar formation and build-up. Poodles are lively, active, fun-loving dogs with a sense of the ridiculous, their woolly coats are enough to have you smiling from ear to ear. Their woolly coats need adapted proteins to help support that continuous hypoallergenic hair growth. 


Chihuahuas are loyal, sassy and comical little characters. They love to burrow under you favourite blanket and dance on their hind legs. They definitely know what they want and aren’t afraid to tell you. Chihuahuas can be fussy when it comes to what goes in their bowl so Royal Canin makes a food that is highly palatable by adding a an extra special patented flavouring on their kibble, so whatever time of the day it is, it’s sure to go down a treat.


These laid back Luke’s love both an indoor and outdoor life. They love lying in the sun, in your clean laundry basket, and take the role of house cat seriously. So it’s surprising how strong and extremely muscular they are under their soft, silky, stroke worthy coats. Having a high protein kibble that helps to contribute to their gym worth muscle mass is beneficial for these robust house cats.


These beautiful gentle giants are curious and they love interacting with both humans and other animals. They are super loveable and affectionate with big hearts. Maine Coon’s need extra help keeping their hearts in full working order so Taurine, EPH and EPA are added to maintain healthy cardiac function. 


These purring, bundles of fluffy love aren’t afraid to sit on your laptop keys, sleep on your favourite pillow, and sit on your lap when you actually have a thousand things to do.  The Persian cats have a long thick and luxuriant coat with a dense, soft undercoat. A kibble with hairball reduction made from a special blend of fibres stimulates the intestinal transit and eliminates ingested hair…cool aye 



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