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Moving House with your Cats

Posted on May 11 2021

Local Pet Connect tennants Yogi and Tuna Cat here. Our fur mum just moved house and boyyyy do we miss our old home. We meowed and meowed all night long and scratched on Jazz’s new bedroom door but she didn't come out till the morning - then she looked pretty tired. I liked my old surroundings, I liked my little nook by the fire and my designated sunny spot by the bay window and trying to get used to a new space can be hard for us cats. 

So what does one do when moving houses with cats? Relocating is a big deal for you and your purrddy cat so snuggle up, get your tea and read some of our tips, tricks and guidelines for that big MOVE day.

Preparing Your Cat for the Big Move

🚚 Updating all your cats details on their chips or ID tags is a handy trick. This means if we do go wondering to find our old  

 🚚  Choosing a cosy, inviting, well secured cat carrier and introducing it to your home a few weeks before the move means your kitty has some time to get used to it. Pop their favourite blanky in there, treats and toys and make it a real safe haven.  

 🚚 Calming pheromones in both the old house weeks prior to packing and then once you have moved into the new house can keep your kitty cat calm and reducing signs of stress. 

Moving Your Cat

🚚 Travelling in the car can be super terrifying for us four legged pussy cats so if you can prior to moving, letting your cat get used to the car can be a great idea.  

 🚚 Using a Pheromone spray on blankets in the cat carry cage or a calming solution for cats will reduce some of the anxiety of being moved from one place to another. Don’t let your feline friend out of the cage or car till you're safly in the new environment..Trust me 

 🚚 Have a nice comforting bed or cave that can go inside your cat carry cage Something they usually sleep in or on that provides security for them. I lurveee my clam shell bed.

The New Home..dun dun dun

🚚 Us cats are creatures of habit so we don’t like too much change, so when moving try and put as much of the old house into the new house as possible. Get our hair covered couch into your new lounge asap and make sure the coffee table sits in front of it like it did at the old flat. 

 🚚 Provide a safe haven in the new house for your feline friend. This could be a room or bedroom that you can close and they can become familiar with. It’s best to have lots of familiar furniture, blankets, toys and their litter tray in there too! Best to keep them in this room for a day or two before exploring the wider house. Stay and hang out in there with them - playing, snuggling and treating of course.  

🚚 Keep feeding schedules the same and try to keep other timetables and similar occurrences like before bed cuddles or tv time strokes the same.  

 🚚 Firstly get your kitty cat used to one room, then to the general inside of the house. Once they look more comfortable you can finally move outside. Don’t let your cat outside in the first week though as they will try and make a dash to their old stomping ground wherever that may be now.. 

 🚚 Soothe your cat with lots of cuddles and strokes. Stay calm in your new environment so your cat knows it’s a safe place to be. 

 🚚 Shoo away those pesky neighbourhood cats and any runaway dogs. Us cats are territorial and we need to know that our new home is a safe place that is uniquely ours. Bye Felicia   

 🚚 After the first week , slowly start to introduce the outside area. Start with meal times and accompany them outside to watch them eat. Let them get used to the outside environment a little bit before bringing them back in again each time letting them wonder further and longer. Play with you cat on the back porch, in the garden or on the deck making each experience happy and positive with treats and cuddles.  

 Moving aint easy, so don’t expect any 5 star reviews from your feline friend just yet. With a little care, attention and by making your new space familiar your cat will learn to love it as much as you.  

 Happy Moving! 

Some Products to help you & your Kitty Cats

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Scruffs Ring Bed

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Kitty Hut

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Check out our range of Cat Litters & trays to make your cat feel at home during the big move, 


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