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Cat enrichment

Posted on June 24 2020

Hey Team, It's the resident laundry basking, paw kneading, Kitty cat Yogi here. I like to work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause most inconvenience. I’m out here living my best cat life and most of that reason is because my paw-rents put my well-being right up on the list. In return I bring warmth, love and affection into their lives the sassiest way I know how. 

With Pet Connect right at my paws I probably have the best selection of toys, accessories and supplies. As you know in ancient times cats were worshipped as gods and I just like to make sure that no one forgets. It Find some of my favourite playtime products to make sure your regal feline is conquering life. 


Lots of people know that cats go crazy for cat nip, but did you know that cat safe plants are also a good way to give your cat sensory enrichment? 

Catnip's bewitchment is found in its volatile oil, with that main chemical being -nepetalactone. It only takes one or two whiffs of this whimsical oil before your calm tabby is licking, chewing, and rolling head-over-tail in kitty-nip bliss. 


In the wild, cats will hunt 6- 8 mice and birds a day. Fast track to domesticated cats who now have a bowl of food that is constantly full which unfortunately promoting gorging. Food puzzles not only exercise and stimulate your puss mentally and physically but also allows slow feeding and encouraging your little kween to paw out snack-size portions at a much healthier pace. Two birds - One Stone.


Not only will cat toys entertain your little litter lion but theres nothing better than seeing him pounce, paw and hunt at wands, bells and feathers. 

Interactive toys makes for a fun and interactive play session for you and your moggy friend and helps to promote healthy exercise and play by stimulating your cats natural instinct to hunt. Speaking from my own kitty cat experience, it’s much better than chasing your own tail. 


My all time favourite toy that I’ve had since I was a budding kitten is the Hartz chirping bird which is full of catnip, colourful feathers and when hit, chirps like a bird, I tell you it keeps me on my paws. No matter how domesticated your Mitzy is, you can’t change the fact that felines are natural hunters. Nurture this aspect of their personality with feathers, bells, crinkles, sisal and vibrating toys. 


Do you watch your feisty feline stalking its way through the grass in the back garden ready to pounce on any unfortunate prey. Tunnels encourage that stalking instinct as they walk through it, it crinkles like leaves under their paw pads. The tunnel has a hanging toy, and can double up as both a safe shelter and an interactive toy.


Cats get treats too! Creating good habits and routines such as coming home from work and giving your cat a treat makes your arrival exciting and helps strengthen your bond like James Bond - shaken not purrrred As a resident Pet Connect kitty I get alllllll the treats so I’ll let you know my delicious secrets. Whole fish are great for teeth with all their bones inside helping to get in between those little pearly whites. Soft freeze dried treats are fabulous for the fussy felines, older Kittys and for those purring fur balls loosing their teeth. 



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