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The Good Dog Blog

Posted on January 30 2019


So you've just brought your cute puppy home, their little short legs skid around the tiles and their eyes are the window of the soul. They look cute when they're sleeping and your'e in absolute love ... but then they start chewing the couch leg, biting you with little razor teeth and who's walking who?... Yeah we get it, training is hard. We have a number of great products here at Pet Connect HQ that will help you both. Because why be a good boy if you could be a great one. 



Positive Reinforcement Training


Positive Reinforcement Training  mean treats and rewards and here at Pet Connect we are a fan of both. This type of training is helpful in establishing a bond between you and your pooch and inforces positive techniques that use treats and rewards for results and good behaviour.  Did I mention treats?


Trixie Silent Dog Whistle 

The Trixie silent dog whistle is quiet on human ears but loud for dogs. Great to use for recall or when your training your dog from a distance. It's nice and light weight and can be carried easily in your pocket or attached to pups lead. The whistle can also be used to reinforce verbal commands as a dog can sometimes hear it better than they can hear you. 



Pet One Training Clicker                            

The Pet One Training Clicker is a training tool designed to assist in training your pet through the positive reinforcement reward idea. The clicker is used to mark desired acts and becomes a positive switch in their behavioural outcomes. Putting it simply the clicker is a quicker and more effective way of saying good boy, to be used in conjunction with treats. 


Addiction Meaty Bitess                           

It's important to give your dogs treats to reinforce desirable behaviour and positive outcomes.  Grain-free and made with high-quality ingredients, the addiction range make perfect training goodies. They have a soft texture and are perfect for puppies, available in two sizes and four great flavours, beef, venison, brushtail and chicken. As the name suggests your dog will be addicted to these little morsels, and do anything you say for one.


Corrective Training  


Corrective training is an alternative to the harsh traditional dominance training. The ideas behind corrective training are to modify behaviour without violating your dog's trust. Because it's within a dogs instinct to be the leader of the pack its important that you assert your dominance while staying positive and consistent


Pet Corrector 

The pet corrector emits a compressed gas that sounds similar to a snake, bird or insect, instinctively grabbing your dogs attention.  It's a non-invasive way to interrupt your dog's behaviour or deter them from things like jumping up and barking. This product doesn't hurt your dog but gives them a small fright which means they will be deterred from making those errors again.



Fido's Chew Stop Spray

This lifesaver in a bottle helps to stop your pooch from chewing on objects such as shoes, furniture or household items that are certainly not for them. The spray is bitter in taste and will deter them from chewing on anything they're not supposed to. Puppies love chewing on everything so make sure your favourite slippers are safe with Fido's Spray.



Gentle Leader 

If you're training a new dog, or teaching your pooch to walk better and heel. We have the product for you! Meet the gentle leader, this head collar has a specifically designed loop that fits securely over your dog's nose. When the dog pulls or juts in the wrong direction it helps to redirect their attention and prevent them from pulling.  This collar doesn't restrict your pooch and they can still pant and bark. 



Training your dog isn't easy and it's important to be consistent. There are lots of different training styles out there so just find something that works for you and works with the ideas you want to positively reinforce with your dog. Don't forget the treats!! They are the most important, and have fun! Use this time to bond with your new four-legged love ball and enjoy yourself. 



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