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Wet vs Dry Food for Cats

Posted on March 30 2021

Yogi cat here, the best kitty eater in the house, boss of the laundry pile, just moved house and not stoked about it. But I love food and my pet mom Jazz gets the best stuff, I’m chief taste tester of all kitty treats, food and any other tasty delights. We know you want to do right by your cat and ultimately your cat is going to choose what they want to eat because let's be honest, they're the boss. But we often get questioned here at Pet Connect, What is better for cats dry or wet food? 

 Cats are known as desert animals therefore cat ancestors went long days without water. Many cats don’t get enough hydration through drinking alone and rely on their food to supplement the amount of water they consume. This makes the extra water content in wet food a real benefit and helps to reduce the likelihood of health areas such as urinary crystals, kidney and urinary tract infections.

Wet Food

Wet food has a stronger aroma which is important for cats as they rely heavily on their smell and with 20 x more taste buds that a human's tongue you can imagine the importance of smell and taste when it comes to their daily tucker.  

Dry Food

 The key benefit to dry food is how well it keeps and the convenience of it staying fresh in it’s shiny coloured bag. Leaving dry food in your kitties bowl all day with the peace of mind that your precious purrer has food on hand at all times is a bonus but often leads to over feeding. It’s crunchy texture and abrasive texture means it's great for dental health and controlling tartar levels on the teeth. 

Mixed Feeding

 Mixed Feeding So what's better for your fabulous feline? We asked our friends our Royal Canin because they give the best advice and they suggest feeding both! There are many benefits to both wet and dry and food and we think your furry pal should reap them all. Cats prefer to graze throughout the day and this is generally their natural feeding behaviour. Offering them a mix of wet and dry foods either together or at separate meals gives your kitty variation, aids in higher protein, higher moisture levels, and provides dental benefits. 

It’s a yay from the Team & a meow from me. 

Yogi Cat x


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