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Dog Bowls & Feeding Accessories

Your dog is your best friend, and part of the family. So, just like your kids, providing them the right nutrition is something that all pet owners give considerable thought to. While dog’s need the right balance of nutrition in terms of proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, water, and carbohydrates, the amount of food and frequency also are also important.

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Different Dog, Different Diet

A puppy’s diet is different from that of an adult dog’s diet. The size of food in a serving and the total number of meals in a day differ widely depending on the age of your dog as well as their breed. While most adult dogs need two meals in a day, puppies may need smaller and more frequent meals spread throughout the day. It is recommended that you have a fixed schedule for feeding both adult and young dogs, and always check the recommended amount for your dog’s particular brand of food.

Does your pooch have a tendency to overeat? Obesity or excess weight gain in dogs can lead to many health problems including diabetes, bone and joint problems and heart conditions. It is important that you determine the right amount of food depending on the breed or age of your pet. You may also want to consider a dog food that is designed for dogs who have a tendency to gain weight.

Choose the Right Dog Bowl

Choosing the right dog bowl is almost as important as choosing the right food. With so great many options out there, you can be sure to find the one to suit your needs.

A good dog bowl can be used to measure and portion out your pup’s meals, and also prevent overeating. Dog bowls can be extremely useful in telling you how much food your pet is actually consuming in each meal, which can be super handy if he or she is underweight, overweight or nutrient-deficient.

Of course, it’s not all about the food - it’s also about hydration. You need a good (separate!) bowl for your dog’s water too. Ensuring your puppy or adult dog always has access to fresh clean water in their water bowl is really important. Br sure to change their water frequently - we all know how dirty they can get!

If you’re like us and love to keep a nice home, there’s no need to skimp on style when you choose your next dog bowl. There are so many super stylish dog bowls out there, that not only provide the best feeding and watering solution for your dog, but will add to the décor of your home too.

Some of our Favourite Dog Bowls

The Kufra Self Waterer and Feeder is a gravity powered feeder and waterer, ideal if you’re a busy dog owners who can’t keep refilling your dog bowl frequently. The 600 ml tank can be filled once or twice a day depending on your pet’s needs.

Yours Droolly’s Stainless Steel Ant Bowl keeps those pesky ants away with it’s clever design - the outside layer does not touch the ground. The ant bowl has a rubber non-slip base, and can be used both for feeding and for keeping your pet’s water fresh.

The Pet One Melamine Dog Bowls are ideal for dogs that are prone to inhaling their food - it helps to slow down them down at mealtimes, is durable, scratch resistant and features an anti-skid base.