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Your Dogs New Super Gravy

Posted on May 27 2021

Your Dogs New Super Gravy

Ryan & Co the Pooch here from the Pet Connect Pack. 

I don’t know about your pooch, but over time Co gets a bit bored of his kibble, looking at me like “Is that it Dad”. We have tried many things to spice it up for him - Eggs, Fish Oil, Stock, Toppers, but none of them appeal to him like the New Earthz Pet Gravy. 

Now He’s excited about his food again & We know he’s getting the added benefit of this Super Gravy every day to keep him healthy. It’s a win win if you ask me! So if you have a Pooch that is a little bored with their kibble, Check out what Earthz Pet has to offer your Best Furry Friend.

Why Earthz Pet?

Earthz Pet has made it our mission to make a product which will help your Furry Friend live life to the fullest. 

We love our pets just as much as you do and know how important they are to you. We are loving pet owners just like you. We've made it our mission to make a Quality NZ product by hunting down the world’s best natural ingredients, which will benefit your BFF ( Best Furry Friend ). 


Earthz Pet Dog Vitality Gravy is a High Quality pet supplement made with premium New Zealand ingredients including:


As it is high in Omega-3, it brings many health benefits to our Gravy. Health benefits Hoki consumption can have for your dog include : 

- A healthy glossy coat 

- Healthy Skin

- Joint support


Manuka Honey gives an excellent ability to support immune health. Health Benefits of Manuka Honey for your dog include :

- Helps to fight bacterial infection

- Reduce inflammation,

- Help regrow healthy new skin

- Good for Digestive Health


New Zealand green lipped mussels have a huge amount of Omega fatty acids. These specific fatty acids and essential Omega 3s  support the nutritional maintenance of bone and joint structures. 

Health Benefits of Green Lipped Mussels include:

- Support for long-term joint health and repair 

- Reduce osteoarthritis associated pain

- Relieve skin itching  

- Stop scratching and biting    


New Zealand Kiwifruit extract for digestive health. Kiwi Fruit contains healthy doses of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. It also contains flavonoids and carotenoids, which are great antioxidants which strengthen the immune system. 

More Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit include: 

- Healthy skin, circulation.

- Boosts Immune system & Digestive system

The unique recipe, originally developed with Massey University in New Zealand, has been tried by a large number of pets here in New Zealand to ensure we have it just right for your Pet. 

This vitality gravy offers your dog a daily dose of nutraceuticals, enhancing your pooches: skin, coat, immunity, and promotes digestive and joint health.  All ingredients are 100% natural and locally sourced in New Zealand, offering a fabulously nutritional daily feast enhancer for your fur friend. 


The Earthz Pet Range is Available in 35ml and 55ml bottles, in two flavours: Free Range Chicken and Hearty Beef.


 We hope you enjoy these pawesome new products and see your Best Furry Friend live their healthiest life .


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