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Dog Beds & Housing

Man’s best friend needs to rest, and in style. Pet owners prefer dog beds to let their sleeping dog snooze in comfort. Pups need to find the perfect place to curl up after a tiring walk or an exciting outing, and what better than a soft dog bed or dog basket, featuring all the comforts, to let your pet snooze in style. Pet owners can choose from a large variety of dog beds available in the market. Ranging from non-slip dog beds to rustic look of wooden baskets, there are endless options in terms of dog beds.

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Orthopedic Dog Beds

With interesting shapes and sizes to match the size of every dog breed, choosing a dog bed can be kind of fun. From the enclosed or scalloped bed to simple plain soft mattresses, there is something out there for every dog. There are specially made dog beds for injured, ill or elderly dogs that need extra support and cushioning. Memory foam mattresses give better support for joints, and dog beds that have both memory foam and orthopedic gel provide extra comfort for an ailing or injured pup.

A Cozy Bed For Every Dog

Pet Connect’s Ikat Snoozzy’s Drawer Bed can easily slide into your dog’s favorite sleeping place. Measuring 24 inches, this dog bed easily fits into crates, under desks or your own bed. The eye-catching design and colors are sure to match the ambiance and decor of your home. The best thing about this dog bed is it’s sustainable design - it’s pillow-soft fill is made from recycled plastic. The drawer bed collection is machine washable and features a non-slip bottom.

The Yours Droolly High-Sided Bed is the perfect choice for places that experience extreme weather in Winter and Summer. With a reversible cushion that keeps your pet warm in the harsh seasons, the Yours Droolly high-sided bed from Pet Connect is truly drool-worthy!

Yours Droolly’s Super Fleece Bed is the best gift you can give to your pet if he or she is suffering from arthritis, incontinence or is recovering from a surgery or injury. With it’s water-resistant dry fleece, it is easy to clean and maintain this bed. This dog bed draws liquid away from the surface keeping the top, and your dog, dry.

The Yours Droolly Mattress in Corduroy Grey is an ideal bed for your pet. Featuring trendy corduroy on the sides and a soft, plush top, you can spoil your dog and keep a stylish home With a choice of sizes and a removable for easy cleaning, this dog bed a perfect choice.

It’s not hard to find the perfect bed for your dog (and your home!) Just do a little window shopping on our site and you’re sure to score the right one.