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Spray & Walk Away

Posted on August 03 2021

How to Stop Urine Marking in Cats

Have you ever got home from work to find your lounge ponging of your kitty cats lovely wee wee aromas. A tinkle on the carpet perhaps a slash on the new couch - whyyy? How on earth do you get your cat to stop? And what is the deal with urine marking in cats?


Your cat is marking its turf. It’s saying to all the other cats “Hey punk, this is my place”  by using their urine to mark territory that is important to them. While normal toileting practices or house-soiling usually involves squatting and depositing urine or chocolate rocks on a horizontal surface, urine marking tends to target vertical surfaces. Both male and female cats can baptize the house in this way.   

 Neutering or spaying your cat will change the odour of their urine thus prevent spraying and marking terriotry. There is however, a 10% chance for male cats and a 5% chance in female cats that they will continue to spray as it has become a learned habit.    

No more stain and odour sprays remove pet stains and odours and removes pet pheromones which prevents resoiling from your cat or others. These products are suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, linens, clothing and pet bedding.

Trouble & Trix No More Stain & Odour remover combines the very best in cleaning technology to create an effective, pet safe formula. This enzyme and oxygen based formula deeply penetrates to eliminate tough pet stains and odours, including urine, faeces and vomit. The dual action formula destroys odours on contact and removes pheromones which prevents resoiling. 

The fast drying formula eliminates tracking, and is extremely effective at working on old and deep stains and odours.This product is suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, linens, clothing and pet bedding.

The Litter box Purrrrhaps

If you didn't know already cats are super fussy and will choose not to use the litter box if it’s too close to the spot they eat, sleep or if they have to share it with other cats. Cats also have a preference to the type of litter they like...move over Queen Elizabeth the cat is here. Good thing we have options such as crystal, tofu, and clumping baking soda.

Natural Litter - Trouble & Trix Natural Cat Litter is a natural litter pellet made from plant extracts and baking soda to neutralize pungent urine smells. 

Crystal Litter - Made from silica sand with added natural anti-bacterial agent, this natural and biodegradable litter kills 98.7% of bacteria on contact whilst continuing to inhibit its growth and reduce odour. 

Lightweight Litter - This litter is naturally & highly absorbent, trapping the liquid and its odour. It locks in liquids and clumps together for easy removal. It's 35% lighter than the previous baking soda clumping litter making it easier to refill your litter tray.

Stress & Anxiety

Anything from a missing owner, changes in routine or a new puppy, kitten or baby could get your cats tail in a twist.  Spreading their royal scent helps cats to lower their anxiety levels by staking out their boundaries. During spring time while cats are on heat, certain scents and sounds can prompt your feline friend to become stressed, agitated and increase their territorial marking. 

To help with stress and anxiety we highly suggest Feliway products. Feliway works by natural chemical signals, also known as pheromones. Feliway replicates these signals helping to comfort and reassure cats and kittens. You can use Feliway spray or diffusers to disperse the pheromones throughout your home making the area your cat hangs out in feel safe.


Providing scratch poles, furniture with platforms and resting places throughout your home creates vertical space. This allows them to get away from other cats giving them their own areas which will give them peace of mind and relieves stress and anxiety 

In conclusion, Neutering and spaying your cat is your best bet against jets of urine around your home. 

Otherwise try some of our other tips and tricks to reduce and stop marking. 

Good Luck Team!

Katie & Stormy Cat


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