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Spring into September

Posted on September 07 2020

Spring into September with Pet Connect 

With the arrival of Spring here we couldn’t be more happy. Say good-bye to those frosty mornings, wind swept beach walks and thermals and say Howdy do dah to that sunshine. Soon the afternoons will be longer meaning there is much more time for activities. Dust off those hiking boots, get your pups leash ready and get set for some outdoor adventures. 


Go Fetch

Literally the best doggo game since 1978 - You throw - They fetch and then you run after them for several minutes trying to retrieve the goods. Now its warmer out there, theres no excuses for not practising your throw. 

A frisbee or ball toy is enough to excite the 'fetch fanatic dog'. The bright colours signal an adventure with major playtime to come and your arm gets a workout too, Bonus!

Take a look at our range of fetch toys!


Hair dispair

As the weather heats up your pooch will naturally shed their hair. For pup enthusiasts dog hair is 2020’s biggest fashion statement but not so much for the other guests in your home. So go from morning Zoomies to afternoon groomies and check out our rad goodies to help shed unwanted hair or even to help get it off the sofa 



As we start rolling towards the summer months fleas can start to become a problem as the heat encourages dormant eggs around your house to hatch. Spring is the perfect time to up your flea game and help prevent those pesky critters from infesting your home. We encourage products that naturally repel and that you can easily incorporate into your current flea treatment and routines. 



Daylight savings means one thing, longer walks. Take advantage of the extra light in the day and take your pooch on a bush walk, beach hike or city stroll. Not only is it good for your pup to get out there to meet and greet all the other doggo’s but its great for your mental and physical stimulation too.



As the warmer weather hits us harder than a case of Covid, there is nothing more refreshing that a quick dip in the ocean. If your pup is anything like my athletic Rollo Dog AKA Ian Thorpe in the 2008 Summer Olympics - then some epic water toys are the bomb diggity.


Happy Spring from Jessa & Rollo the super swimming Dog 



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