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Dog Clothing and Accessories

Fashion is not just for celebrities - it’s not even just for people. The dogs of today are walking the streets looking as on-trend as their owners. From Paris Hilton’s bow-wearing pups to Anthony Rubio’s designer tuxedos, dog apparel is the latest thing.

It’s OK to want your dog to look good, that’s why there are so many awesome options in petwear out there. Dogs are even getting their own Instagram accounts so they can show off their latest stylings...yep, that’s a thing.

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Dressing your dog for the Weather

While dressing our pets for style, as dog owners we also need to ensure we’re matching their outfits to the weather. You don’t wear vests in Summer, so why should your pup? Coats, sweaters, trousers and warm caps in the warmer months are a bit much - save those for wintery weather. In Summer, stick to light dog clothing in breathable materials, like cotton. The best dog clothes are custom made or available in various sizes, to fit every size and shape of dog.

Our Pick in Dog Clothing

We can’t deny it -  dressing up your pooch is as much for fun as it is practical. Dog’s in clothes look adorable (get your camera ready!) and you can rest assured they get a heap of attention when you’re out for a walk. Here are some of our most loved doggie threads:

Neckerchiefs and Bandanas

Cotton Tails Store’s Neckerchief in Red Tartan is so stylish and SO cool. Made in New Zealand, this neckerchief has already been a big hit for both dogs and their owners. You can experiment with different ways of wrapping it around your pup’s neck, or fold it the traditional way - into half a triangle and tying around your pet’s neck for classic chic.

Another hot favourite from Cotton Tails is the Bandana in Navy Star. It slips straight onto your pup’s collar - couldn’t be easier. Like the rest of the Cotton Tails range, it comes in a range of unique and trendy patterns. It just looks so good!

Shirts and Jackets

If you’re wanting to prepare for the chilly season, or just want a statement shirt, there are many options out there to keep your pooch warm and looking good:

The Pet One Jumpsuit Heavy Fleece Zip Up Dog Coat is the perfect choice for Winter. This great-quality dog coat is made of thick polyester fleece that lets your dog’s skin breathe while keeping them warm, and dressed to the nines.

With Pet Connect’s Pet One Polar Jacket in burgundy, you can ensure your pet pal is dressed for comfort and style in Winter. Made from duty polyester, this coat is water resistant while also shielding your pup from the wind - making it an ideal choice even in the rainy season.

Does your pooch love to take a dip? Ezy Dog Life Jackets are the perfect choice for taking your dog swimming or on the boat. The flotation device in the life jacket enables dogs to swim upright and can be fastened easily. With Pet Connect’s range of life jackets, your dog can hang out near the water without you worrying about them getting into trouble.

We are so excited to stock the McPaw number 7 rugby jersey by Dogs of Desire. These snap-worthy threads are carefully hand-made to be as snuggly as possible, while allowing your dog’s inner Richie to shine through.

Dog apparel can also aid in keeping your pet calm. ThunderShirts apply gentle and comfortable pressure to your pup’s body, to chill them out when feeling anxious or fearful. It’s kind of like a constant cuddle when you don’t have time to constantly cuddle them!

Bows and Bow Ties

A selection of chic and cute accessories are available to take your pup from furry to fabulous. Whether your pooch is a lovely lady or dapper gentleman, Pet Connect’s range of bows and bow ties in stylish designs are sure to bring out their inner suave. The bows and bow ties come with velcro attachments that can simply be fastened to their collar or lead.

No matter what you’re looking for in dog clothing, start your search at - New Zealand’s choice in quality, unique petwear.