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Things to do with your pooch during lockdown

Posted on May 05 2020

Hey guys Ryan and Yogi here, straight from our Quarantine couch set up! We both reckon the lockdown is a great time to stregthen that relationship and spend some quality time toegther. You're pooch is undeniably wondering why you are constantly home everyday and loving every second of it. Find some things below to keep them happy in lockdown.


Take em for a walk

Exercising is good for you and your dog and is needed daily for good quality of life. Whether you need a break from work, or to fill those lungs with some fresh air it is an essential routine that makes you feel good and gives you that much needed break from Netflix that you have been looking for. Try walking to a power pole and running to the next one or taking treats and seeing how long your dog can wait for before he bounds back towards you.

Doggy school 

Never had time to teach your dog basic commands? Now you have a bit of down time jump on Youtube and find a trick or command you want your pooch to learn, and spend the time to get it perfected with your furry pal. 

This will also be a good opportunity to polish up the old tricks that got lost in your daily routines.

You’ll end up with a happier, more confident pooch, and your bond will be second to none!

Give them a wash

What better way to bond with your pooch, than to treat them to a clean, and pay them some much needed care and attention. 

Make sure to pay attention to the cleanliness of their ears, toenails, & dental hygiene, as well as having an extra look at any abnormalities you spot during your pooches grooming session.

Treat your Pet

After a long walk or a training session with your pooch, what better way to show them your love than to treat them to their favourite snack.

We have a wide range of NZ made treats to choose from, so take a look below and treat that good boy, because they deserve it!


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