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Christmas Day Doggy Blog

Posted on December 07 2021

Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

Hey All, Ryan & Co here, Woof! Christmas is just around the corner, which means your furry pal will be greeted by family and friends as we all celebrate the big day in style! Christmas is such a fun day had by all, but we need to make sure we are setting up our pooch for success to avoid any whoopsies during the big day. 

Christmas Food

Food is a HUGE part of Christmas day, we need to be careful what our dogs get on the day, & here are some tips to help!  

  • Make sure your guests, or family members know the rules are around feeding your pets, this way we can all enjoy a safe christmas, without having to clean up a mess from your pooch, or an emergency trip to the vet! Eeek! 

  •  Have dog specific treats for your furry pal, so they can still enjoy the big day without getting a tummy ache! My boy Co will be on his dog bed diving into a smoked venison bone and a some omega plus tails this Christmas, and thatll be him set!

  • Avoid feeding your dog the classic Christmas foods like ham, raisins, grapes and fruit mince pies, bread, alcohol, nutmeg, cooked bones, onion & chocolate. 

  •  Keep bins closed & out of the way from your woofers nose, to avoid them finding any unwanted treats Being kiwis, a BBQ is a staple to our Christmas day, but lets make sure these are supervised at all times, and the drip trays are out of the way of doggy tongues! Ouch!

  • Make sure there is a big water bowl for all the family dogs, setting up one for inside and 1 for outside is the perfect setup, show your dog where is it. Shop our bowls here. 

Road tripping?

My Partner Jess and I are travelling down to the South Island this Christmas with our good boy Co, Woo! We have slowly equip ourselves with the gear we need for the trip down to keep Co safe on the adventure, Here is our shopping list for our Christmas trip south:

Ezy Dog Drive Car Seat Hammock

We only have a small car for the trip down, so setting the back seat up with a hammock is the perfect way to make sure Co is comfy & safe for the big trip down south. 

The Ezy Dog Drive Hammock is a hammock-style seat cover for dogs to protect the backseats of your car. Easy to fit using your existing car headrests, the water-resistant polyester cover provides a barrier between pet and driver for additional safety on the road. 


Beco Travel Bowl Blue

This a perfect little pop up bowl for those side of the road adventures. Fill a 2L bottle for the trip, and everytime you stop, give your pooch a top up, and let them go to the loo. 

The Beco Travel Bowl is made from silicone, making it durable, non-toxic and flexible enough to collapse and fit in any bag. With a compact design, you can take your Beco Bowl anywhere – so you can ensure your pet has food and water whilst exploring the great outdoors!


Petware Water Dispenser Bottle 500ml

We also thought it was a great idea to have a travel water bottle for the trip, just in case we couldn’t stop and Co needed a sip of water on the go. This is also great to take hiking when your stretching your doggies legs, to break the trip up.

This water dispenser aids in hydrating your when you're out and about.

Cooling Mat

As we are traveling in the heat of summer, down to the dry region of canterbury, (Whoop Whoop), we thought a cooling mat might be a good idea to keep Co’s temperature cooler while he’s in the car.

Keep your pet cool in the warmer months with this cooling mat, perfect for regulating body temperature. This mat is great at home or for small or large trips, and can be used in dog beds, kennels or your car.  

EzyDog Car Restraints

For those who don’t know Co, hes a busy body! But that’s no good while he’s in the car, so to keep him safe he will be rocking one of the Ezydog Car restraints for the trip.

Dog Safety is the number one goal with all Ezydog travel products. The Car Restraints is a simple to use dog car restraint that keeps your pup in one position and prevents driver distraction. It uses the same type of webbing that is used on the seat belt, so is tough and strong.  


Little Green Dog

Ofcourse, you don’t want to forget your poop bags! It pays to have a few rolls of these bad boys ready to rock when nature calls.

Little Green Dog believe in showing our Earth the same love and care we show our fur kids. Long story short: most of those biodegradable bags you see on shelves aren’t environmentally friendly at all. Instead, they’re made of plastic — with additives that break down the big chunks of packaging but leave behind microplastics that ruin our planet. 

Venison Bone

As I mentioned before, ill be treating my boy with his very own venison bone for christmas, so while we tuck into a beautiful meal from the inlaws, Co will be be devouring a juicey bone on the big day. 

The Platinum Ranch Venison Bone is a delicious clod bone packed full of marrow and great for chewing. This New Zealand Made bone aids to keep your pup happily chewing away for hours while busting boredom and cleaning teeth.

Hot, Hot, Hot!    

As a rule of thumb, don’t leave your dog in the car during the day, for longer than 30 minutes. On a 30 degree day, temperatures inside vehicles, even with the window cracked, can reach 39deg in less than 5 minutes and in 30 minutes it can reach 49deg. Dogs suffering from heatstroke start to heavily pant and drool excessively, leading to vomiting or collapse, brain damage or worse.  

Even at home with our hot summer sun we need to provide them with a cool, shady place to rest with access to plenty of fresh water and avoid dressing them up for long periods. Having a busy house full with people and loud noises can be quite overwhelming for dogs. Make sure they have a calm, quiet place to escape the madness when it gets too much and explain the rules to children about leaving the pets alone when it’s time to rest.

Play Time

Now the family is around for Christmas day, the backyard cricket set might make an appearance for a couple of games. If your woofer is anything like Co, theyll make a great addition the fastest fielder i the world. However its handy to have some dog toys on hand for the day to keep both the dogs and the family amused during the silly season. 

Chuckit have a great range of toys to keep your K9 moving this summer! 

Gifts for your furry pals

Don’t be fooled - your Woofer totally knows it’s Christmas. On Christmas day, when you’re sitting around the tree handing out presents to your family, they’ll be quietly waiting for theirs too. So avoid breaking any furry hearts this festive season - check out our Christmas Gift Guide and pop a little something under that tree for them too. They’ll know if you don’t.

The team at Pet Connect wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hoping your days are filled with family, food & furry pals! 


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