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Choosing the Right Dog Bed

Posted on March 16 2021

With the arrival of Autumn and the chilly months approaching what better way to celebrate than with a brand new dog bed. It can be hard to pick the correct style, making sure it suits the decor and the needs of your pooch but we reckon we’ve got some rad choices here at pet connect and some great tips on choosing the right one. Man's best friend gotta sleep soundly!

Determine your dog's sleeping style

The Sprawler

Sprawlers spread out in all directions often lying half on and half off the bed especially in summer. They alternate by stretching out and often look far too relaxed. Sprawlers like pillow, bumper or drawer beds.

The Curler

Curlers sleep as if they are still in the womb, curling in a ball or enjoy being enclosed within the borders of their bed. Curlers often like to nestle their heads within their paws and like the security of feeling enclosed. Curlers prefer cozy round donut beds or scalloped plush beds.

The Leaner

The leaner likes to have a high side or elevated bed part that provides some comfort for the neck and enjoys the support and security a high sided bed will provide. Learners like High sided box beds or high sided oval beds.

Choosing your Design

There are so many different patterns, materials and styles that can be incorporated into your home decor. Your pet's bed can match their unique personality or it can be super functional! Shaggy faux fur or super plush beds are said to be good for anxiety by making your pup feel safe, while outdoor beds and canvas options are less lush and more practical for getting wet.

Special Beds for Unique Needs 

Puppies OR Incontinent Dogs

The Yours Droolly’s Super Fleece Bed is the best gift you can give to your new puppy or elderly dog. Perfect for the crate, car or for popping onto an existing bed it’s a great addition to have in your bedding toolbox. With it’s water-resistant dry fleece, it is perfect for puppy accidents or incontinence as it draws liquid away from the surface keeping the top, and your dog lovely and dry.

Dogs with Joint issues

Memory foam mattresses give better support for joints, and dog beds that have both memory foam and orthopedic gel provide extra comfort for an injured or old fido. The memory foam moulds to the dogs body shape - correctly supporting the spine, muscles and joints allowing the dog to rest naturally and relieving pressure.

Outdoor Beds

The Outdoor High-Sided Bed is the perfect choice for places that experience extreme weather in Winter and Summer. With a reversible cushion that keeps your pet warm in the harsh seasons and cooler in the hot seasons. The outdoor Osteo Bed is made from a protective waterproof liner and a non slip base.

Heat Pads & Cooling Mats

For those cooler months of winter how about investing in a heat pad to keep those little paws toasty warm. In summer we have the ever-popular cooling mat 

Whether your pooch is trying to share your bed with you, or your wagger is  just in need of an upgrade, find the style and bed that works for you!

Happy 💤💤💤


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