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We Love Our Cats!

In nearly half of all homes across New Zealand, you’ll find a kitten or cat curled up and purring in a sunny spot. Cats can bring a surprising mix of youthful energy, fun and relaxation into our homes, so it’s no wonder we love them so much.

As a responsible cat owner, of course, you care deeply about your cat’s happiness, health and well-being. The New Zealand Companion Animal Council estimates caring for a cat, which includes their food, vet bills, and cattery costs while you’re away, can cost around $700 each year. It’s a small price to pay for all the warmth, love and affection they bring into our lives.

From the way we keep them clean and healthy, to the massive range of cat costumes and toys, there is no shortage of cat accessories and supplies you can choose from. You’ll find a wide selection of high-quality cat products at Pet Connect NZ to charm both you and your furry friends.

Food & Treats: Strike the right balance of nutrition and indulgence for every stage in your cat’s life. Pet Connect is the place to find a range of delicious cat food and snacks. From all natural and organic food, to local New Zealand made products, or sumptuous chicken or salmon snacks, Pet Connect have your cat’s menu sorted.

Cat Beds and Housing: “If it fits, I sits” is now much more comfortable.Pet Connect can add a cozy layer of security and warmth to your cat’s new bed. From high-sided dish shaped beds, to enclosed cat nooks that will keep your furry friend extra snug, Pet Connect has something for even the fussiest of felines.

Bowls and feeding accessories: From fussy eaters to frantic feeders, Pet Connect can serve them all. Choose from stylish patterns or embossed designs for classy cats, bowls that prevent food and water spillage, or gravity feeders to limit your cat’s intake. Whether you’re on the go, or want to provide dinner with a show, Pet Connect can help you out.

Cat Scratch Furniture: Cats of all ages need some fun and excitement, preferably without taking it out on your couches and curtains. Pet Connect can help your cat let loose with a range of scratch furniture. Important for claw maintenance and playtime, our Cat Scratch Furniture range can keep your kittens happy and healthy while protecting your upholstery.

Collars and leads: Pet Connect have a selection of collars to suit the most fashion savvy diva, or wily escape artist, protecting your cat and surrounding wildlife.

Toys: Cats need regular playtime to stay healthy and alert. From feathers and fluff, to all the bells and whistles, Pet Connect have a wide range of cat toys guaranteed to stimulate all their senses, keeping them entertained for hours.

Grooming: Even the fussiest cats need help with cleaning every now and again. From scraggly long-hair, to the short fluffy shedders and everywhere in between, Pet Connect have the best range of cat grooming products.