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Shine Bright like a Diamond

Posted on July 06 2021

Come winter time don’t you feel snazzy in your new coat, hoody or jacket? Your pup also wants to look and feel like Kylie Jenner at the golden globes and their coat is all they have! Looking and nourishing your pups coat is so important, so here's to your fur baby's birthday suit and keeping it tip top!

What Causes a Dull Coat?

Low Quality Foods

A good food will provide your four legged dude with all the essential vitamins, oils and proteins they will need,not enough is the first sign of a dull coat. Foods high in animal fats, or by products or kibbles heavily processed with lots of corn or grain will not nourish your pets needs in a holistic way.

Your pup needs lots of essential fatty acids like Omega 6’s and Omega 3’s to amp up coat texture and shine. So feed your pup a good quality food because you need to nourish from the inside out. 

Fleas, Worms and Parasites

Worms can deplete your pooch from key nutrients so a dull coat could be a good indication that your fur baby is harvesting some unwanted visitors. Scratching, areas of hair loss and scaly skin can be caused by fleas and flea allergy dermatitis so best to check when your doggo had their last worm and flea treatment.

Keeping up with your flea treatments can’t be stressed enough! Not only will it stop scratching but will also help with Flea Allergy Dermatitis. 

Health Problems or Illnesses

Health Problems or Illnesses If your dog is starting to lose that sparkle and shine there could be something more sinister at play. The condition of the coat is a great indicator of health. If your pup isnt looking his normal dapper self get a check up from the Vet and make sure your little one has a clean bill of health

Food for Thought?

Feed your pooch a good quality tucker with high levels of clean protein. Look for foods that have chicken, fish or turkey as one of the first ingredients and try to avoid low cost foods that are high in preservatives, grains or fillers.  

Foods full of Omega 3’s and 6’s are amazing for the skin and coat as they have a high content of these fatty acids to replace oils in the skin relieving skin irritations and keeping hair shiny.

Additional Ways to Promote a Healthy Coat 

Fishy treats like the Omega Plus Range of whole fish, bites, tails and fins are perfect for supporting the health of your pups coat and skin. Packed full of fatty acids they are just another great reason to treat your fur ball. 

Brushing & Bathing

Brushing helps to stimulate and distribute the natural oils of your pups coat. This naturally moisturizes the hair leaving the coat glossy and protected. 

Contrary to popular belief it’s not healthy to wash your dog more than once a fortnight as this can strip your dog of his natural oils. It’s important to use specific dog shampoos and not the shampoo found in your personal shower caddy. It’s important to use a mild, natural shampoo, free of fragrances and soaps. Choosing a lather worthy option with aloe vera or oatmeal is perfect for the coat and moisturising for the skin. Oatmeal works by cleaning the skin while relieving itching and irritation while locking in moisture.


Keep your pup looking fetching and that star runway material by keeping that coat shinier than a 10 carat diamond. 

Remember to nourish from the inside out and maintain their coat with good quality products and a scrumptious smelling shampoo. 


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