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The Ultimate Guide to Travelling with a Raw Fed Dog

Posted on March 06 2021

With overseas travel being restricted due to the terrible C word! We are all getting on the road a little more and choosing to explore our beautiful backyard. Rollo Dog here and I have always been a New Zealand Raw fed dog. I like that it mimics my ancestors food and is less processed than other alternatives. It's good tucker and here's why:

🥩 Bones naturally clean my chompers 

🥩 Being raw, valuable ‘live enzymes” are present in the food 

🥩 Reduction of allergy symptoms 

🥩 Smaller stools 

🥩 Better Breath 

🥩 Absolutely scrumptious and mouth-watering 

When we go on holiday though there's a bit more planning and preparation - but my humans have got it down pat! So here's for more road trips around our beautiful New Zealand and here's my top tips for travelling with a raw fed dog like me.


You’ll need to take some time to work out how many days you will be gone and how many meals you will need to prepare. I would also add a couple of extra meals in case you decide to stay an extra night at the campground or if you’ve done a solid day of hiking and you want some extra calories for your mate. Portioning out the correct meals and individually wrapping them will make the process easier when it comes to meal time. 

If you feed our favourite Raw Pawz which is already cut into 12 x 100gm blocks it makes it far too easy. If you're travelling in the car make sure you have a decent sized chilly bin or cooler bag with ice packs. Packing the cooler bag or chilly bin tightly helps everything stay frozen for longer.

In addition make sure you have your; - Travel Water Bottle - Travel Food Bowl - Wet Wipes for clean up - Treats, Chews & Bones - Travelling Calm Chews or Calming Drops

Petware Water Dispenser Bottle 500ml

This water dispenser aids in hydrating your when you're out and about. 

Features & Benefits:

Holds up to 500ml, Doubles as a bottle and a bowl, Features a clip to secure, Suitable for all animals.

Blackmores PAW Complete Calm Dog Chews 300g

Tasty kangaroo based chews that contains Tryptophan, B group vitamins and a blend of multivitamins and nutrients to support the general health and nervous function in dogs. 

PAW Complete Calm is the new and improved formula of PAW Multi+Tryptophan.

Buy as you go 

   Planning stops along your travel route where you know you can buy credible commercial raw food for your dog means you don’t have to lug so much around and is well tolerated by most raw fed fluff balls. 

Supermarkets & Grocery Shops

This is best if you don’t have a cooler bag or chilly bin accessible but can be annoying to stop often. Perfect if you are staying at a pet friendly accommodation and there's a fridge handy. My fur mom usually looks out for half raw chickens, leg quarters, veal bones or brisket - usually the cheaper options!

Air Dried Foods 

It can be an easier and safer option to serve your pup air dried food which is a close alternative to raw food. ZiwiPeak are the best in the biz with ethical and sustainable ingredients that are free range, pasture fed and ethically raised here in New Zealand. The gentle air dried meat mimics raw food keeping in the goodness making it naturally prepared and nutrient dense!

Ziwi Peak

The Ziwi Pet Food  philosophy starts with ethical and sustainable ingredients that are free range, pasture fed and ethically raised and made in New Zealand. Their naturally farmed ethos means their recipes are antibiotic, hormone, grain and glycerin free. Their next process is to gentle air dry the meat which locks in both the flavour and goodness making it naturally prepared and nutrient dense dog food. The small batch kibble is made of raw meat, organs, fish, bones and superfoods meaning it’s packed full of nutrition so you will find your Ziwi scoop is smaller than its fresh kibble counterparts. 

Freeze Dried Foods 

Freeze dried is the process of taking raw food and gently freeze-drying and removing the moisture to protect the natural enzymes and nutrients. It’s a convenient option to feeding a raw diet and a pawsome alternative to raw meat. 

 My Furr-avourite Freeze Dried Options are:


New Zealand Made freeze dried dog food is raw, healthy and grain free. It’s reusable bags makes it perfect for taking travelling and you can use it as a topper, treats or add water to it to rehydrate. 


This Raglan based freeze dried food is grain and additive free and high in protein because it’s made with real meat. Goodnoze freeze dried petfood is formulated to mirror your pet’s ancestral diet and is the perfect alternative to wet raw food.


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