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A good pet owner spares no efforts to make their pet feel special and loved. New Zealanders are known as a nation of pet lovers, with more pets are owned in a household in New Zealand than any other place in the world.

Nation of pet owners!

More than 64% of homes in New Zealand households have at least one pet, and dogs are one of the favorite pets for people in NZ. Not surprisingly, companionship is the top reason for choosing to own a dog - man’s best friend is seen as a valuable member of the family and the most trusted companion in more than 95% of homes in New Zealand.

Naturally, pet owners place a lot of importance on the health, well-being and happiness of their dogs. Today, New Zealand dog owners spend close to two billion dollars on dog products, with food alone costing seven hundred million dollars. An investment in love!

From harnesses to food, accessories to designer clothes, there are endless options in terms of dog supplies to choose from. Pet Connect NZ features an array of quality and unique dog supplies that both pup and owner will be sure to love.

Food & Treats: Pet owners love to indulge their companions with their favorite delicious, nutritious treats and gourmet foods. Some of the best dog treats are made right here in New Zealand, including Mashbone bites by Garage Project, and Rewardz dog treats.

Beds and housing products: Pet Connect is the place to find a dog beds to suit your pup and your home. From high sided beds, to dry fleece beds that offering protection against accidents, Pet Connect has it all. And design is also key - check out our range of Dogs of Desire beds. They’re so trendy, you’ll want to sleep in one too!

Bowls and feeding accessories: Pet Connect stock it all -  cute and colourful bowls to give you that stylish edge, and practical bowls to help slow down feeding for pup’s that tend to eat too fast. There’s a bowl for every need, whether it is for style, for travel or for health!

Clothing: Neckerchiefs, fleece coats and thunder shirts are just a taste of Pet Connect’s awesome range. Whether it’s for a bit of dress-up fun, a sensible decision for the season, or something to keep your pup feeling calm, Pet Connect NZ has what you need in dog clothing.  

Collars and leads: Our wide range of collars, leads and harnesses will ensure you can enjoy your daily stroll, while also helping you to training your pooch gently and successfully.

Toys: A good dog toy helps to keep your dog entertained all day, while also helping them stay fit and healthy. Dental chews help in preventing plaque build-up in dogs, while other nutritious treats build strong bones and healthy tissues.

Grooming: Pet Connect stocks the best range in natural, gentle and effective grooming products. Washbar offer an amazing range in safe shampoos, treatments and spritzers. Eezapet is the go-to for itch relief associated with hot spots (heat rashes), allergies and rashes of all kinds including mange. Eezapet also provides great sunburn relief.