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Dog Collars & Leads

Dog collars and leads are not only necessary when take your pet out for a walk, but they also make great training tools when used properly.

Given the many options out there, choosing the right dog collar or dog lead for your pup can be difficult. To make it a little easier for you, we’ve put together some of Pet Connect’s most trusted and comfortable dog collar and dog lead options:

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Harnesses are useful for smaller breeds, for dogs with pushed in faces like pugs, or for slender-neck breeds, such as greyhounds.

The Ezydog Chest Plate Harness in Black is a harness your is likely to love wearing. With a strap reaching around the chest, the harness avoids any uncomfortable choking grasp around the throat. The EVA chest support, featuring adjustable straps, suits the needs and shape of every dog to eliminate discomfort of any kind. Having been tested on every size and breed

of pooch, the Ezydog Chest plate harness is a hassle-free way to secure your dog. The harness snaps on quickly avoiding prolonged struggles! Walking will become a pleasure for both you and your dog with this harness. The harness also has additional night time safety feature of reflective stitching.

Dog Collars

Pet Connect’s EzyDog Checkmate Collar is made of nylon and is designed to fit comfortably around the neck of your pet. A Martingale-style correction dog collar, you can have more control on your dog without having to subject your pet buddy to the choking effect of the traditional slip collar. Featuring two loops, this collar needs to be adjusted only once to the required size and then clipped on. The dog collar is loose enough to sit comfortably around your pup’s neck. Mild tension is created in the smaller loop of the collar when the dog begins to pull. The Ezydog collar is ideal for training pets, especially for those energetic and frisky ones!

The Gentle Leader Head Collar eliminates the need for pulling and tugging altogether, as a comfortable dog collar that fits around your dog’s nose. Whenever your pup pulls, the loop gently turns your pet’s head and body towards you, taking attention away from the source of anxiety or distraction.


The Ezydog Soft Trainer Lead is made from soft neoprene that makes it comfortable to hold. Reflective stitching and attached D Rings are added features.

If you want a lead that will turn heads, the Rocco & Co. Dog Lead is the one for you. Rocco & Co. Dog Leads are stylish and comfortable to hold and use. These leads are very sturdy even for those dogs who love to pull while out walking. Great for everyday use, travelling and obedience training. Keep a spare one in the car for emergencies as they roll up small for easy storage. Rocco & Co. lads come in a range of sizes and awesome designs. Our faves are the Grey Cross and Rainbow funky.

Car Restraints

Travelling in the car with your dog can be a pleasure, not a pain, with a car restraint.

Road trips can be a blast, but not when your dog is climbing all over the passengers. The Ezydog Seat Belt Restraint is designed to keep your pup in one place during car journeys, and to help eliminate driver distractions. This seat belt restraint attaches to the D-Ring of your dog's harness to keep them restrained, whilst still letting them sit or lay down comfortably.    

The Ezydog Click Dog Car Restraint is effectively a seat belt for dogs. Simply attach to your dog's harness and 'click' the buckle into the seat belt socket and your dog is restrained in your vehicle.

The car front seat barrier prevents your dog from climbing through to the front seat. This foldable nylon partition barrier features a metal frame for added stability, a mesh insert ensuring your visibility is not obstructed, and a large pocket for storage.

Walking and travelling with your pup needn’t be tedious. Shop from Pet Connect NZ’s range of collars, leads and restraints, and let them hang with the family!