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Holistic VS Super Premium food

Posted on August 28 2020

Holistic VS Super Premium? What's the deal?

Hey Folks, Jessa here from the Pet Connect team.
Are you like me and get super confused with all this dog food malarky? Ive been doing a bit of searching in the kibble bag and getting to the bottom of it. There are two philosophies to yarn about today, Super Premium and Holistic and how they cater to the demands of the dog in different ways. 

Super premium is known for having higher quality ingredients and is much more nutrient dense. Super premium kibbles are generally manufactured without the fillers, artificial flavours, colours or preservative synthetics that some of the cheaper brands are known to use. These morsels are specifically developed to deliver a balanced and healthy diet for your much love pooch. They will contain quality proteins, quality fats and quality carbohydrates, checking that there is a protein in the first 3 ingredients list is a fabulous indicator of good pet tucker. Another trick is to check the typical or guaranteed analysis to check the nutritional levels. Super premium foods will always meet or exceed AAFCO standards guidelines.


Holistic refers to food that is balanced. This means the kibble doesn’t just fulfil them nutritionally but benefits their overall wellbeing. Holistic food should always be free of fillers, and synthetic preservatives like its Super Premium cousins and I find most of the time holistic comes in a grain free option. Holistic kibble usually has specific ingredients added for specific purposes and functions, for example one ingredient may be added for benefiting skin and hair while another ingredient added for aiding in digestion. This holistic approach means you can chose the specific nutrients or pick through their diet how they need to be nourished.Holistic food usually contains herbs, vegetables, fruits and high levels of proteins so is deliciously balanced, wholesome and nutritious. 


I like to think of it as it’s like seeing a doctor vs seeing a naturopath. While a lot of scientific research can go on tailoring the nutrition to your pup like super premium foods do, some like the natural, back to basics approach of holistic food. When choosing your pipsqueaks kibble there are a few things you need to take into account:


So, Take your time & take a look at our range of dog food we have to offer. 

There is no doubt the perfect food fo your pooch just waiting for them!



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