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Travelling with your Dog

Posted on January 11 2019

Hey guys, Zeb here! The newest member here at Pet Connect! I'm a Vizsler crossed with a Wire-haired Pointer and I'm very well behaved. 

Being the worldly pooch that I am I have put my paw up to write the latest blog here about all the best pet travel products you can buy right here at Pet Connect... cool huh? 

I'm always travelling from Auckland to our Bach in Mokau which is my favourite place on earth and mum always makes sure I have everything I need for the long car journey. So heres a few of my favourite travel products. I am such a good boy.......


Torus Water Bowl

These can be good for short trips to the beach, hikes and those longer trips. Mum always makes sure I've got enough water because the car can get a bit stuffy even with the windows down. Torus water bowls store up to 2L of water inside their reservoir walls. Their large capacity means less filling, and their low profile means less spills or mess.

Petkin Sunwipes

Everyone else in the family wears sunblock so why shouldn't I? Especially when we go down to the beach and it's really sunny mum always puts a bit of block on my nose. It's very important to not use human sunblock, we need this one thats specially made just for us. These Petkin Doggy Sunwipes have a yummy vanilla coconut scent to make me feel super tropical.



I like travelling with the window down, tongue out, wind in my wire-haired beard but some of my fury friends can find it a little bit stressful, especially if they are travelling by sea or air. Sedapet is a lovely calming remedy for cats and dogs. It contains passionflower, chamomile, and st johns wart and is only made with good, natural ingredients. 



Ezy Dog Car Restraint

Sometimes we drive past lots of other doggies and I get very excited and jump all over the place. Thats not good as it distracts mum from driving. The Ezy Dog Car Restraint keeps me in one spot but I can still lie down for my doggie naps. 


Rewardz Dog Treats

Lastly and most importantly these handmade doggie treats mean I do what mum says. The training never stops, so high quality treats ensure I keep in line or come in from the beach. These ones are my favourite because they have been handmade and oven baked and made right here in New Zealand. 


Beco Bags

Hmmm..... this one makes me blush... Dad uses a pitchfork and a wheel barrow but mums on to it and uses these Beco Bags. They are bio-degradable and Eco - friendly. WE LOVE BECO, because they design pet products in a more sustainable and ethical way. 

You can grab your own arsenal of doggie doo bags from our website. We have value packs, dispensers and more. 


The best thing to do when travelling with your pets is to be prepared, plan ahead and make sure you stop for water and toilet breaks. Add litter trays to your cats carry cage and let your pooch stretch their legs a little, you know how excited we are to jump out of the car onto the beach.... the best feeling isn't it!

Always make sure your animals have all their registration and proper identification before setting off,  I always come when I'm called but sometimes in a foreign place us pups just like to go for a wee wonder, much to mums dismay. 

I haven't been on an overseas trip yet, unless you count my first ferry ride to Waiheke to be in the Pet Connect Santa Parade. Just remember there are live pet regulations for air travel, all pets must travel in containers/crates approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). 

Zeb the Dog (good boy) xx


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