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The Smelly Dog Blog

Posted on March 16 2018


There's no better expert on Smelly Dogs than our resident Pet Connect pooch Opie. He kindly put his filthy paw up to be our guest writer for this month’s blog. Take it away Opie….

Hi Everyone, Opie here.

So….I smell. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m gorgeous, friendly, gentle and basically perfect...but I smell. It’s hard when you live on a big beautiful property. There’s so much horse poo to roll around in and open spaces to run around getting sweaty, it’s hard to stay clean and fresh all the time. I personally don’t think the stink is that bad, but Mum and Dad don’t seem to like it that much (they can be a bit dramatic).


Luckily we have the Pet Connect NZ Warehouse right at our back door, so there are heaps of really great products that mum says keep me “smelling like a newborn puppy.” She’s asked me to talk about my favourite ones for this Blog thing, so here I go. I better get a treat for this...

Washbar Range

I get pretty excited when Mum or Dad brings out a Washbar product. It smells really good, and leaves my fur so soft and shiny. Mum says that it’s only made from natural ingredients, so it’s much better for me, and won’t make me itchy or give me skin problems. I think my favourite would have to be the Lavender and Primrose shampoo, it’s really gentle on my skin and eyes and the smell makes me feel relaxed and calm.


Yours Droolly Cologne

Dad isn’t the only one who gets to wear cologne. In between bathtimes, he likes to give me a spray with the Yours Droolly scent to keep me smelling like a dapper gentleman. I especially like the Vanilla Blossom absorbs my bad odours and leaves me smelling fresh as...well… a vanilla blossom. It’s light enough to use everyday, and I tell you what...The lady dogs love it!

Blackmores 2in1 Conditioning Shampoo

Blackmores PAW 2 in 1 is great because it’s a shampoo and conditioner in one - that means less time in the bath and more time playing. The conditioner makes my coat so soft, which means I get way more pats because it’s no nice to touch. I don’t have a long coat, but I have some of doggy-friends that do and they say that the conditioner gets all the knots out. It smells so fresh because it’s got lavender and jojoba, and it’s all-natural, with none of those Sulphate things that mum says are bad for me.


So there you have it. If you’re a smelly dog, there’s still hope for you. Ask your Mums and Dads to take a look at Pet Connect’s awesome grooming range today. You might be lucky like me and be allowed back on the couch.

X Opie Dog 

Now...where’s my treat?



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