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Paws in Parnell

Posted on February 20 2018

Pet Connect's Top 5 Sellers 

at Paws in Parnell

To market to market....

On the first Sunday of every month, dog lovers of Auckland get their pooches down to the Paws in Parnell doggie market in Heard Park, Auckland. While their pugs hug and their cavoodles canoodle, owners can shop the unique range of NZ-made dog products the talented stall holders have on display.

Earlier this month, the Pet Connect crew held our first market stall at Paws in Parnell. Needless to say we were in our own little slice of doggie heaven. It isn't not often (enough) that the dog-to-human ratio is 2:1, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to get a big wet kiss from a random passerby.

Setting up our stall that morning, we weren’t really sure what to expect. Is anyone going to come in this rain?....Is anyone going to come to our stall?....Will they love our range?....Have we FORGOTTEN anything?  The answer to all of these things was a resounding Yes. Yes, people came. Yes, they visited the stall. Yes, they loved the range... and yes we totally forgot to bring some stuff (whoopsy!).

We were so stoked that our products were received so well...and we know very well that without our superbly clever and creative suppliers, the Pet Connect stall would have been a fizzer (not to mention very very empty). So, we thought we’d give a well deserved shout-out to our Top 5 Sellers at the Paws In Parnell Doggie Market….

XO Bandana

We’ve always ogled over Paws and Claws’ gorgeous range of pup accessories. The love that goes into each handmade bandana, bowtie and lead (to name a few) is obvious. There is a beautiful design to suit any pooch, but we couldn’t stop smiling when we unpacked the XO black and gold bandanas for the market. Cuuute! Not surprisingly, the market goers loved them too. There were even some happy-customer snaps taken in our selfie frame.

Dog Bandana, Paws and Claws, Paws & Claws, Dog clothing, NZ made

WOOF chicken

It was a no-brainer to bring along a crate-load of the WOOF range to Paws in Parnell. It’s being “added to cart” more and more frequently from our online store, and we figured that it would be no different at the markets. With the goodness of premium chicken, apples, chia seeds, hokey liver oil, and all the good things, Freeze-Dried Chicken was definitely a hot fave. I guess all those well-trained noses can sniff out the good stuff... (photo cred @clintyf)

Dog food, Natural Dog food, Organic Dog Food, NZ made

Wolves Tropicool Range

The summery vibe of the Tropicool range caught the eye of many shoppers. No wonder either, have you seen this stunning print? This range is not easy to walk past...everyone wanted to stop, look, and touch. One particularly handsome hound was already modelling the Wolves’ buffalo (red check) design when her Mama bought one of these colourful bows to take home. Loyal fan!

Dog accessories, Dog clothing, Dog leads, Dog collars, Dog harnesses, Dog tethering, NZ made, Wolves of Wellington


We were hardly surprised that Eezapet would get swiped off our market shelf. We’ve been yet to meet a dog owner who tried the natural skincare remedy and wasn’t impressed. One lovely woman at the market was on the hunt for something to soothe her Boxer’s itchy skin resulting from an unknown allergy. She was super stoked to hear that Eezapet is 100% natural and would offer her pup some quick relief, so she could get to work identifying the cause.

Eezapet, Dog itch, Itchy dog, Dog allergies, NZ made, natural dog products

Rocco & Co. Grey Cross Lead

 Those who have style know style, and we’ve never seen so may well-dressed dogs as we did at Paws in Parnell. Rocco & Co.’s Grey Cross design was a hit with all the hipster pooches and their equally-cool owners. This print is extra special too, because it's exclusive to Pet Connect. Our beloved greyhound Opie has the Grey-Cross lead and collar set. Let's just say he's not the most photographic dog (cover your ears, Opie) but when he wears this he's basically Top Model material.

Dog accessories, Dog clothing, Dog leads, Dog collars, Dog tethering, NZ made, Rocco & Co., Rocco and Co.

So there you have it. Market day at Paws in Parnell was a massive hit thanks to a bunch of incredibly talented Kiwi creators! Not just these five either - plenty more products were bagged up on market day. But at the risk of you all suffering a 12-page blog post, the top five seemed like a far more palatable number.

Paws in Parnell will be on again on Sunday 4th March before taking a hiatus for the colder (and wetter...and windier) months. Make sure y'all round up your hounds and get down to Heard Park from 10am! If you don’t come say hello, we’ll be pretty bummed...

Jasmine, Vince and Hannah xx


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