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Hot Summer Products as Cool as your Pet

Posted on January 18 2019


The summer season has approached us and it's getting hotter and hotter.  That means we need to look after our dogs on walks, in cars and in direct sunlight. 

Some breeds of dogs will struggle with the heat more than others (like pugs & bulldogs) who have compressed airways. As you already know, dogs can't sweat like humans and ex-pell heat through panting. Therefore panting is a good sign that we must monitor our pups. 

Limiting sun exposure, never leaving your dog in a hot car, and always making sure there is water available are preventative measures to take so your pooch doesn't get heat exhaustion, sun stroke, or heat discomfort.

Here at Pet Connect we have a few products to help keep your pooch cool and kool..... and a few tricks to keep them happy during the hot summer weather. 




Swimming is a great way to cool down your pup, and keep them refreshed in the hot weather. Best to go in the late morning or early evening to beat the heat. If you're taking your dog out walking why not take them somewhere they can have a quick dip like a lake, pond or beach. 

Ezy Dog Life Jacket 

The Ezy dog lifejacket keeps your doggie safe and doesn't hinder your dogs ability to swim or play. Great for boating, fishing and surfing dogs. 


Dogs can be affected by the sun just like humans can. It's important to not walk out on scorching hot concrete or sand during the day. If you can't walk on it its a good indicator that your pooch shouldn't either. Try going to a nice grassy field or reserve instead. 

Dogs can also get sunburnt which can be painful and increase your doggies risk of cancer. So if they are sunbathing or out in the sun slip, slop and slap... you and the pooch. 


WashBar Paw Balm

Hot weather means damaged paws. WashBar Paw balm soothes and repairs cracked paws and 100% natural ingredients means its doesn't matter if they lick it off. You can even rub some into your own feet.

Aniwell Filta Bac 

Great to use if your dog sheds a lot of their hair, is a sunbathing enthusiast, or just spends a lot of their time outdoors. Aniwell is a protective, anti-bacterial sunblock that acts as a natural second skin. Also great for wounds, abrasions or damaged skin. 


There are lots of ways to keep your canine cool. Freezing treats and food is a tasty way for them to cool off and will keep them occupied longer.  Wetting your dogs bandana and tieing it around your pets neck can also be an effective way to keep your pets temperature at a comfortable level especially when outdoors playing or walking. Even soaking and freezing your dogs favourite plush toy is a great way to keep them refreshed. 


Trixie Cooling Mat 

The Trixie cooling mat is filled with a non-toxic gel that helps to regulate your pups body temperature. Great to have during the day and put in their crate or bed at night. 


It is vital that our four legged companions have water at all times. Drinking water is a daily requirement that will help keep your dog from getting dehydrated and ill. Without water, your dog’s body will not be able to function properly, and most likely start to show signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Make sure there is plenty of fresh clean water available and it is also advised that dogs have more than one water bowl around the house.


Drinkwell 360º Pet Fountain

This is the king of pet watering systems providing 4L of fresh, filtered water to your dog.  The continuous stream of water entices your animals to drink more and keeps like fluid aerated. 


Beco Bowl 

This compact-able silicon bowl folds down so it can be easily transported, for anywhere - ensuring your pet has water or food whilst exploring the great outdoors. 


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