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Christmas Gift Registry for Small Animals & Birds

Posted on November 27 2019

Don’t be fooled - your pet totally knows it’s Christmas. And on Christmas day, when you’re sitting around the tree handing out presents to your family, they’ll be quietly waiting for theirs too. So avoid breaking any furry hearts this festive season - check out our Christmas Collection and pop a little something under that tree for them too.

They’ll know if you don’t.


Pet Connect NZ Christmas gifts

Corosel Apple toy


Provide your pet with hours of fun activity! Carousel Chew toys help reduce boredom with their unique combination of wood and loofah pieces.



Pet Connect NZ Christmas giftsTrixie treat roll

From $18.53

Keep your small pet entertained with the Snack Roll Toy! This toy is ideal for promoting healthy exercise and play, while stimulating your pets natural instinct to forage. 14cm long 



Pet Connect NZ Christmas  Kaytee Wooden Chews-Moji 4pack


Your small pet can be hip too with these super cute and equally trendy Kaytee Chew-Mojis! Chew-Moji Wooden Chews help clean and trim teeth of rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, or other small animals.



Pet Connect NZ Christmas  Kaytee cabbage vege bowl


The Kaytee Cabbage Vege Bowl is a fun shaped food bowl fresh from the garden, adding style and colour to your pet's home. Made of ceramic and led free paint, this durable and chew-proof ceramic bowl is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. 


Pet Connect NZ Christmas Xmas Kiwi New Zealand Elf Costume

Rabbit play tunnel


This fun play tunnel is ideal for rabbits and small rodents who love a place to relax and hide, be in indoors or outdoors



Pet Connect NZ Christmas

Ware Wire Hay Feeder

From $13.50

The Ware Wire Hay Feeder clips onto the side of any small pet's cage. When hay is placed on the floor it can become soiled and make pets ill. This hay feeder is easy to use, reduces food wastage and keeps your pets food and cage clean. 


Pet Connect NZ Christmas

 JW Activitoy Holee Roller Bird Toy


The JW Holee Roller for Birds provides stimulation and exercise for your pet parrot by making him work for his treats. This 100% rubber toy prevents boredom and destructive behaviour. 



Pet Connect NZ Christmas

Avi One Tomato Fruit Feeder Resin Ornament

From $10.53

Add a bit of fun and a splash of colour to your bird’s home with these Avi One Bird Feeders. Made from durable resin, these fun and colourful fruit and vegetable shaped designs will look great in any bird cage!


Pet Connect NZ Christmas

Kaytee Comb Toy Crispy & Wood Hamburger

From $7.78

Keep your small pet entertained and healthy with this perfect Combo Toy. The all-natural chews keep teeth trimmed and healthy, and the loofah will keep your little pal entertained for hours. 



Pet Connect NZ Christmas

Tui treats

From $10.33

Your treasured pets deserve the best! Tui Treats are energy-packed nuggets that your pets will love to eat. Specially blended in New Zealand from high quality ingredients and packed with vegetables, grains and seeds.



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