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Christmas Gift Guide for Cats 2020

Posted on November 11 2020

Pet Connect Christmas Collection

Don’t be fooled - your Kitty Cat totally knows it’s Christmas. And on Christmas day, when you’re sitting around the tree handing out presents to your family, they’ll be quietly waiting for theirs too. So avoid breaking any furry hearts this festive season - check out our Christmas Collection and pop a little something under that tree for them too.

They’ll know if you don’t.


Omega Plus


Treat your Kitty cat the natural way this Festive season with omega Plus King Salmon bites and whole salmon. 



A healthy alternative for your puddy cat this Xmas, Greenies are sure to put a smile on your felines faces. 



The ultimate treat for your kitty cat this Xmas. MEOW is made using only the highest quality ingredients aimed at nourishing your pet's health. 

Felin Fine Laser Cat Toy

From $12.99 

The coolest cat laser out! With 2 light functions for extra fun with your kitty cat on Xmas Day. Woo!

Trouble & Trix Bliss toys 

From $9.27

Trouble & Trix’s unique range of natural catnip toys has a toy to suit every type of cat and kitten - keeping even the most fussy cats amused and out of mischief.

Hartz Catnip Toys

From $13.49 

This catnip filled plush cat toy with it's sisal body and feathery colourful tail will have your cat on the hunt for hours! The Ideal Xmas day toy to keep them occupied. 

Hartz Chirping Bird Cat Toy


These catnip-filled colourful birds with bright feathery tails will have your feline friend totally allured. The realistic chirping bird sound will keep your cat on the prowl, putting their natural predator skills to work while they are on the hunt.  

Hartz Running Rodent Cat Toy


Cats are natural born hunters. Stimulate this predatory instinct with the catnip-filled Running Rodent. Pull the tail to make this soft critter shake and vibrate across the floor, daring your cat to pounce and play!

Cardboard scratchers


Keeping your feline friend's claws maintained and also be to be used in conjunction with catnip as a distraction from your much-loved furniture.   A fun cheap present for that cat lover friend. 

Feline Fine Cat Dangler


The perfect Christmas toy to help your kitty cat burn off all that Christmas Turkey and to keep them energetic and agile all through the silly season.

Trixie Snack Balls


Christmas in a ball! Combining amusement and complimentary food into one ball. Stimulating your cat's natural instincts and let's be honest - life is always better with treats involved.

Cat Toy 6 pack 


These little catnip filled toys will have every kitty trying to get on Santa's 'nice list' this year. The purrfect present for your puddy cat this season 

Mistletoe mischief Mouse Cat Toy


Get your little lion into the festive season with some mischievous little mice to play with keeping them busy while you get the roast on. 

Hartz Catnip


Hartz Just for Cats Catnip comes in a sleek re-sealable pouch. Best of all, this all-leaf catnip contains no dust. 

An Ideal Treat to get your kitty cat into the festive spirit this Summer. 

Wolves of Wellington Cat Collars


So funky, so functional! These gorgeous cat collars, cleverly made by our new friends Wolves of Wellington, is the ideal gift for your trendy cat loving friend. 

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